Can Water Spoil?

Can Water Spoil

You place a jug of water in your trunk, as instructed for safety purposes, and then one day you’ve come from the gym, you’re stuck in traffic, and you’re dying of thirst. You remember that you have that jug of water in your trunk, but you put it there over a year ago. Can Water Spoil?

The water itself is good to drink. It can last thousands of years without going bad, but the container in which you stored the water is what can make or break the safety of drinking it.


Bisphenol A, better known as BPA, has become quite a buzz word lately, and with good reason. BPA has been used in the making of plastic since the 1960s, but it has been found to have negative health effects on our brains, can increase blood pressure, and also cause cancer. The BPA in plastic leeches into any liquid or food that is stored in it and when we consume that beverage or food item, we ingest the toxic BPA. Add heat to the equation, and you are setting yourself up for disease. Many bottled water manufacturers are now choosing to go with BPA-free bottles, so the next time you are searching for a bottle of water, read the label. Heat is a big enemy when it comes to BPA. This goes for that bottle of water that you left in your car to go to the beach for the day. When you return the water is warm, but you still take a sip. That water is full of BPAs.

Plastic Bottles And Water Taste

Aside from BPAs leeching into the water, there is also the taste component of water. This is the main reason you might find an expired-by date on bottled water in the supermarket. You may notice a weird taste after water has been sitting in a plastic water bottle for a period of time. Even if the bottle is BPA free, plastic is not impenetrable by air molecules. Odors from the refrigerator get trapped in those air molecules and enter the plastic bottle, giving your water an unpleasant taste. Who wants to drink garlic tasting water? You may have experienced this phenomenon to a greater degree with ice cubes that are in your freezer too long and that taste like food. Some people store extra bottled water in their garage which can also be the residence of garbage cans, not to mention gas odors from your cars. These odors can end up in your water.

Glass Bottles And Water Taste

Glass cannot be penetrated by air molecules, therefore a sealed glass bottle will keep water tasting like … water. Water stored in tightly sealed glass bottles will last a lifetime, and actually longer than you are around on this earth. This water, provided it came from a safe and clean source, will retain its integrity.

Open Water

This raises the question of the safety of water that is not sealed. That glass of water you keep by your bedside, and that you do not change daily, might cause you to wonder if it’s safe to drink the next night or even a week from now. The answer is a resounding, yes. While dust might get in it, or even a fly, the water is not harmful to you. Uncovered water can last for weeks and even months, as long as insects have not gotten into it, or someone has not sneezed in it or put their fingers in it. Even then, the bacteria might not remain alive long enough to harm you. There are not many pathogens that can survive in water before dying.

Now this does not mean that it is safe to drink water that you’ve had your flowers in or from a fish tank. These living items can produce bacteria that you don’t want to introduce to your system.

In Summary

To be on the safe side it is always a good idea to use common sense. If you can drink fresh water, always choose that path. A glass left on the night stand can be okay if you drink it the next night, but it’s so easy to refresh that glass of water, it just makes sense to do it.

In a situation where the only water source available to you is older water, you should feel safe in drinking it, provided it’s not in a BPA plastic bottle. Covered glass bottles of water are good to for a long, long time and it is a good idea to stock up on some and store them somewhere just in case. With so many natural disasters occurring in this world, you never know when you might need some water to get you by.

Pure water is the safest liquid on the planet to drink. It doesn’t require much maintenance to keep it clean, it doesn’t spoil easily, and it lasts forever. It is the best thirst quencher and essential to human life.


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