Survival Fishing With Just A Hook, Line, And Sinker

Survival Fishing With Just A Hook, Line, And Sinker

Most preppers store survival supplies in their homes in case of any type of breakdown in society due to war, chemical attacks, terrorism, and natural disasters. However, when any of the above happen, you’ll want to get away from the larger population, especially large cities. This means you’ll have to pack light, because most likely you’ll be on foot at some point. So what will you pack? Hopefully, it will include a way to fish.

In a disaster food will be scarce, and fish are the easiest to find, catch, and cook. They are found on the coasts or in the mountains, and even in the rivers of landlocked states. Not only are fish easier to catch than hunting animals, they are easy to dry out and store for later use, lasting a long time.


Survival Fishing

Here are easy ways to catch fish for your survival in a disaster. These skills are good to brush up on so you are able to accomplish them if ever the need arises.

  • Hook, Line, And Sinker

This is the simplest form of fishing and preferred among most

  • Setting Fish Traps

Setting net traps, or setting up rocks to trap fish, are two easy ways to gather fish for diner. Plastic bottles are a great way to catch minnows.

  • Spearing Fish

This is a great method for catching fish in shallow water. It requires solid hand and eye coordination.

The Hook, Line, And Sinker Method

This method is highly preferred by most because it is the simplest for many of these reasons.

  • Lightweight, Easy To Pack, Space Saving – The hook, line, and sinker kit is so small, it is almost weightless and doesn’t take up much space in your bag.
  • Versatility – The hook, line, and sinker works in almost all bodies of water.
  • Ease Of Use – It takes only minutes to drop the hook and sinker into the water, while holding onto the line, and you can catch your first fish very quickly.
  • Many Uses – When not fishing with the hook, line, and sinker, the kit can come in handy for stitching up a wound, or using the line for many other things.

How To Use The Hook, Line, And Sinker Method

When fishing for survival it is imperative to catch as many fish as possible. For this reason, you’ll want to put as many lines in the water as you can. You will need to get creative to find where the most fish are swimming. Floating the bait on the surface to test for fish swimming close to the top of the water is a good idea, as well as using the sinker to get the bait to the bottom of the body of water for fish who are hanging out down there. You can also drift bait in the water flow of a river.

Try different locations on the shore, such as under trees, near rocks, etc. Fish typically swim in shaded areas to stay cool during the day, or stay at the bottom, until nightfall when they swim closer to the surface. Choose locations in streams with little current, and in oceans, fish love to hang by docks, weed beds, and rock outcroppings. Experimentation is key to finding the most fish.


In a survival situation, you most likely will not have room or the resources to pack bait.

Here is where to find bait in the wild …

  • Digging For Worms – Lots of fish species are attracted to worms. They are the easiest to find by digging in dirt and mud, and the simplest form of bait.

Food Scraps – Use any leftover scraps as bait, such as fish guts from your last meal.

Frogs, Crabs, And Crawfish – These three things make perfect bait for many fish, and are easily found on river banks and in sand along the ocean shore. You can cut them up to make as much bait as possible.

Minnow Traps

Minnows are easy to catch and eat. All you need is a plastic bottle to catch them. When you spot minnows in shallow water, submerge the bottle and squeeze near the fish. When you release you will suck the minnows into the bottle.

You can also use two bottles to trap many minnows. Cut the bottom off two plastic bottles and insert the top of one bottle into the bottom of the other. Use your hook and line to sew the bottles together, then drop some bait into the main bottle, before placing the cap back on. Finally, use your hook and line to attach to the bottle and drop into the water. When the minnows swim in through the bottom, they will swim through the bottle neck into the main bottle to get the bait, but will not be able to swim back out. Once you have enough in there, you simply pull the bottle out of the water with your line, remove the cap, and pour out your minnows.


It is essential to pack some form of fishing apparatus when you are treking off on a survival mission. A hook, line, and sinker is the most versatile, the lightest in weight, and the most effective. Remember, you are fishing for survival, so find a spot with the most fish through experimentation.


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