The Right Way To Prepare For A Winter Storm

The Right Way To Prepare For A Winter Storm

When the snow starts falling, this is not the time to start thinking about how you’ll survive the storm. Plan ahead to make sure you have all the essentials to keep you safe and warm.

Stock Up On Supplies

Most people run out to the local supermarket to pick up milk and bread, and most add some toilet paper into the mix, but is that really all you need to get through a snow storm?

This is a better list of things to make sure to have …

  • Rock Salt / Ice Melt / Sand

Make sure to grab a bag or two of any of these to sprinkle on your walk ways and to use if you need to get your car out in a hurry.

  • First Aid Kit

If you already have one, make sure it’s stocked. If not, then pick one up. You never know how long you’ll be housebound, and if you’ll need some type of medical attention.

  • Prescription Refills

Get those prescriptions filled. In a big storm, your local pharmacy could be closed for a day or two, or in a major blizzard, even longer. If you take a daily medication, you can’t afford to miss it.

  • Shovels And Snowblowers

Make sure you have a shovel. Sounds simple, but many people do not have one, or have an old broken one. If you have a snow blower, make sure it’s running, and that it has sufficient gas and oil.

  • Flashlight And Batteries

Make sure you have more than one flashlight with batteries in them, and an extra set.

  • Candles

Stock up on candles and matches or cigarette lighters.

  • Food

Stock up on foods that do not need cooking or could survive without refrigeration. If the electricity goes out, your stove and microwave won’t work, and the refrigerator will go out too.

  • Gloves

Make sure you have warm gloves for shoveling, and for playing in the snow.

 Prepare Your Home

It is important to get your home ready for the storm as well. You want to keep the heat in and the cold out, while making sure there are no problems with wiring that could cause a fire or carbon monoxide buildup from faulty heaters.

  • Check the furnace and your HVAC. Make sure all is working correctly, and if you haven’t had them checked recently, get someone out before the storm.
  • Be sure to have your carbon monoxide detectors in working order.
  • Apply weather stripping to your windows.
  • Check the roof and basement for leaks and for any holes that outdoor critters might take refuge in during the storm.
  • Add some space heaters for extra warmth.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Your car could be your getaway vehicle in an emergency. Make sure to prep you car so that it’s ready when you are. If there is no emergency during the storm, your car is going to need to take yo to work and on errands on slippery wet roads, so be sure to take care of your car so it can take care of you.

  • Check the tire pressure on your car and fill with air if needed.
  • Fill your gas tank. Gas will freeze if there is little in the gas tank.
  • Test your battery at any garage or auto parts store. They typically do it as a courtesy.
  • Make sure to have a shovel, ice scraper, and emergency blanket in the back seat.
  • Store rock salt or sand in the back seat.
  • Do not store anything you need in the trunk. It may be too hard to open with piles of snow on top.
  • Check brake fluid, oil, wiper fluid, and air filters.
  • Make sure your lights are working, and that your windshield wiper blades are not worn out.


It is best to keep up with the shoveling, rather than let it pile up too high.

  • Spray cooking spray on shovel head to make it easier for snow to slip off.
  • Work in sections, triangles work best going from foreground to background.
  • Rest regularly and don’t get overheated.
  • Wear sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Don’t forget a hat and gloves.
  • Dress in layers.
  • Waddle like a penguin when you spot icy sections.

Check Business And School Closures

  • Keep an eye on the news to find out if your kids have school, and even if they do, use common sense in getting them there. Do not put yourself or your family in danger if roads are too slippery.
  • You can also find business closures such as pharmacies, restaurants, doctors, and more, on television, but also online.


Try to enjoy the storm with some hot chocolate and a fire. It’s a great time to reconnect with family, and disconnect from work, school, and all your social media. If you’re prepared you’ll breeze through the storm with some great memories to share. Stay safe, and stay warm, and most of all, make sure to build a snowman!



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