10 Wonder Health Benefits You can get from Cinnamon


The world has become a very dangerous place, especially when it comes to infections and illness. While many would opt for hospital services or getting drugs from the pharmaceuticals. The best deal is to go with the old proverb of “prevention is better than cure”.  Well, you don’t need to buy drugs or stock your house with medicine instead you might be shocked by what you can get from the spice cabinet?

Cinnamon, very common in all kitchens, and happens to be one of the most used spices in the world. What many people don’t know is that back in the days the spice was used in making medicine, both in the Eastern and the Western regions of the world. This history dates back to, well beyond, 2000BC. It was also used as an anointing oil and as a natural preservative. In Asia, the spice is number 1 when it comes medicinal spices since it has very good antioxidant properties.

Recent research studies on cinnamon and human health show that constant use of this spice is very beneficial to the human body. So why don’t you make it your spice and medicine at the same time. This simple spice that is also ancient has the below health benefits:

  1. Helps in dealing with infections and viruses.

Each time we smell the scent of cinnamon it takes us back on the memory lane of celebrating Christmas. The smell is from the natural compound cinnamaldehyde. This cinnamaldehyde is located at the bark of your cinnamon tree. What you don’t know is that these compounds not only gives you the sweet smell, but then it has the ability to destroy deadly infections (staph aureus, E. coli) hence getting rid of any bacteria that may be present in your body. Cinnamon can also prevent respiratory infections, which can cause disability.

  1. Cinnamon has very powerful Antioxidants

This is a relief to many, especially those who are trying to wade off the effect of aging. Normally antioxidants are used to lessen the damaging effect done to the body and also be able to slow down ones aging process. This natural compound is also found in dark chocolate, red wine and berries. Well, cinnamon is also on that list, and it has the following antioxidants: polyphenols, flavonoids and phenolic acid. Looking for that younger healthy look, look for more cinnamon.

  1. Regulates the level of blood sugar for people who are diabetic

Having diabetes means you are subjected to contact blood sugar checkup, insulin shots and medication. This can turn out to be a lot of work, past studies have shown that cinnamon has beneficial effects that control the blood sugar level. Constant use of cinnamon makes the body to have an improved response to the body hormone (insulin) which helps in regulating the level of sugar in the body.

  1. Cinnamon can reduce inflammation

Any form of inflammation is considered to be a nightmare to any athlete. Even one single form of inflammation has the ability to slow an athlete down. However, not only runners and athletes have to deal with sore muscles and swollen joints. Some of us suffer allergic reactions that are very severe and take us the road of sore joints and painful muscles. Cinnamon reduces the level of nitrous oxide present in the body muscles, hence lower chances of suffering from inflammation. Also the antioxidants in cinnamon play an important role in hastening the recovery and reducing the swelling.

  1. Cinnamon decreases the risk of getting Cancer

For many decades cancers have turned to become a global health concern. It has been able to affect more people than the scourge of HIV/AIDS. Cancer happens to be an attack on your body, but then the dangerous part is that the attack is from inside your body. Cells then mutate and start to grow past their normal healthy limit. Luckily, you can reduce all these by using cinnamon. Many studies have confirmed that constant use of this ancient spice slows the mutation and growth of the cells that cause breast cancer. The studies also found that cinnamon offers protective features preventing liver cancer and colon cancer.

  1. Improved dental health

We all abhor having to deal with toothaches or having issues with your cavities. Not only does the pain last for many days, but it also can be a great deal of inconveniences for you. We all can prevent infections in your mouth by taking cinnamon, the oil present in cinnamon not only prevents you from getting infections, but can prevent close to 10 strains known to cause common dental cavities. Cinnamon can be used as a homemade remedy for treating mouth sore and bad breath that result from bacteria being present in the mouth.

  1. Remedy for dealing with the Candida yeast infection

It might occur that the flora in your body system can be disrupted hence allow the natural growth of Candida yeast. This yeast infection can occur in sensitive organs of the body, even the digestive system. The use of cinnamon will improve the immune system, hence lower inflammation in the digestive tract. Cinnamon has antifungal properties that can deal with the cells of the Candida yeast. So you can enjoy a higher rate of survival with the improved immune system.

  1. A healthy, glowing skin.

This is a bonus feature, though might not be considered to be a survival need. The good news is that we can keep away all the rashes, skin infections and skin allergies by mixing cinnamon with honey. This mixture can get rid of acne, swelling, redness and even rosacea. Cinnamon has the anti-biotic and the anti-microbial features that protect the skin from all types of irritations hence improve the health of your skin.

  1. Enhances functioning and performance of your heart.

Cinnamon makes sure the function system of the heart is optimized by reducing the amount of bad cholesterols, and LDL. Then it stabilizes the good cholesterols and the HDL. It can also reduce the chances of you having HBP hence very limited chance of getting any heart disease. While the antioxidants help the body in healing damaged tissues.

  1. Stimulating the brain activity

The brain needs to be kept strong and active at all times. Past studies have shown that using cinnamon can prevent the brain from suffering illness like the Parkinson’s and the Alzheimer’s. Cinnamon does this by limiting the number of damaged brain cells. The antioxidant and the anti-inflammatory features in cinnamon will make sure the stress impact on brain cells is reduced. In 2004, findings from a study confirmed that the strong smell from cinnamon can enhance the level of brain activity.

The Varieties of Cinnamon and the correct Dosing

We have three types of cinnamon.

  • The Ceylon cinnamon or the true cinnamon. It has a flavor that is light and very sweet.
  • Cassia being sold as normal cinnamon, the smell is stronger and darker.
  • The Saigon cinnamon, considered to be very valuable, very expensive since the flavor is full.

The Cassia and Ceylon have health benefits that are similar. Ceylon is considered to be the sweeter cinnamon. It has more concentration of cinnamaldehyde, which has always been studied when looking for health benefits from cinnamon.  Cassia has coumarin, which is a mild toxin, has brought some concern and hence should not be taken in higher doses. If you are taking Cassia or Ceylon, then take between 1-1.5 grams daily.

Buying and storing your Cinnamon.

Cinnamon can be bought from your local grocery stores.  Since many won’t tell you the harvest date of the cinnamon you might be faced with the challenging of buying non-fresh cinnamon. There are online sites that provide fresh cinnamon and they also provide you with the harvest date. Cinnamon sticks that are fresh can survive for up to one year, though heat and light can damage them (hence they should be stored in sealed containers in place that is dark and cool).


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