11 Amazing Survival Tricks That You Can Learn from the Homeless People

homeless survival

You don’t need to get trapped in a hostile environment that lacks basic necessities for you to learn the few survival skills that are important. Well, many instances of survival have been created with an ideology that you have to be in a very hostile environment. Some of us might be shocked to know that the homeless man across the street is actually surviving. Most of us might think that we will never in such an extreme situation of the homeless man. However, survival tricks can come in handy when you are in a situation, but cannot be able to get your normal quick fix. A disaster can happen anytime, and so you better be prepared.

Below are some of the tricks that you can borrow from the homeless guy you pass every morning as you go to work:

  1. Old Newspapers can be more useful than you know…

Frequent and common use, to keep the fire going. Newspaper can act as good fuel. They can also be used as beddings (especially on dry grounds). You can crumple up the newspaper to serve you like a pillow or spread like a bed sheet on the ground. In cold weather, newspapers can be very good readily available insulators. Stuff them inside your clothes and they will make sure you are fully insulated. You can also use it to insulate your shelter.

  1. Dressing in so many clothes

Funny, they don’t have clothes to change could be our thinking. They literally have limited options when it comes to clothes they can put on. The trick is to wear many layers, but frequently add more layers or remove the layers whenever they see fit. This is to prevent sweating, as sweating in cold weather can cause you to freeze. So get extra layers and remember different clothing have different uses. That’s why, make sure you have a wide variety of clothing and each can be utilized and that everything is put to good use. Look for clothes with plenty of pockets also.

  1. Keeping warm while sleeping

If you are sleeping in the street it can be hard to keep warm. Many opt for a fire to keep them warm. The other would be to get a Mylar space blanket that is very affordable. The blanket will be able to reflect your body heat. The last option common among the homeless, is filing bottles with water that is warm/boiled and placing them under the blanket.

  1. Getting your own coffee heater can

Having a personal portable stove is important, it not only keeps you warm, but gives you a chance to make something that you eat. A simple stove can be made from a coffee can, filled with the normal petroleum jelly, then just light it up.

  1. Be clean always

When most of us walk down the street and we meet the homeless we cringe away at the level of sanitation. It’s very low. The trick you can learn is to make your own personal hygiene is top notch always. Many shelters in the city have been equipped with hot showers. The other cheaper version of personal hygiene aide would be using baking soda as shampoo, toothpaste, soap and deodorant.

  1. Look for free breakfast 

The best skill most homeless people possess: knowing where to locate free food. Meeting with other people who are homeless, will give you an opportunity to know where they get access to good meals. If you don’t get any leads from the other guys. Many hotels tend to offer free breakfast, but only if you are clean and presentable. At the end of the day, the same restaurants will have food they are getting rid of. So you can get food from these hotels.

  1. Your whole house packed in a backpack

Many of us are really bad at this. In times of crisis we can’t even manage a single suitcase and yet find that we carried plenty of less important stuff. Most homeless guys literally don’t have any bags with them. They are a moving house. All their prized and basic belongings are always stored in pockets and bags, and they are always ready to move anytime. This survival skill is very important since homeless people don’t stay in one particular place for a long duration of time. They are always being kicked out, or chased away.

  1. Be cautious of the environment around you

The level of security is very important. This tip is related to tip #7. You must be able to have all your belongings. Living on the city streets means you can be robbed anytime. If your belongings are in a pack, keep the pack firmly zipped, keep the pack over your shoulders or firmly in your hand always. When taking a nap, make sure it’s the pillow.

  1. Stick to the familiar grounds

Take your time to know the places, buildings and streets that are around you. Make sure you know as many people also before you think of settling down. The people and places in your environment will determine your safety.

  1. Get happiness and satisfaction from the small things

When we find ourselves in a hostile environment, we tend to focus more on the physical part of it. There is the emotional aspect of it, you will faced with depression, anger, desperation, loneliness and sadness. These emotions magnify if the situation change was abrupt. In order to get over such emotions you need to have a very positive mindset and be very optimistic.

  1. Make sure you got a backup plan

This tip relates to security and knowing your environment. Being homeless means you don’t have a place you can call home. So anytime you can be chased away, or be attacked. You might be in a safe place, but then it’s always good to be always cautious and be ready to take off when you witness any form of incoming danger. Remember all disaster plans must have backup strategies to be complete.


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