protection from nuclear attack

The world has experienced several sudden disasters that have made many people to be prepared for anything. Supplies that can last you through anything. The only challenge is that we have different types of disasters. The situation gets at its worst when it’s a nuclear disaster. Everything literally stops, empty streets, empty buildings, no shops, no lights, etc. The challenge with a post nuclear survival is that you will still have to look for food, water and security as you wait for things to get back to normal. But then how to you overcome the radioactive dust and manage to secure these basic and very important things. The nuclear danger cannot be detected by our normal senses, so you might be subjecting yourself to radiation while thinking you are in a safe place. The effects of nuclear danger are cumulative.

That’s why you need to make sure you are protected from any form of nuclear danger. The below survival items will keep you safe during a nuclear disaster:

  1. The Geiger counter

A simple radiation detector that will warn you when you are entering a place full of radiation. The Geiger counter is used to measure how waves and particles are affected by ionizing effect (it indicates current levels of radiation). Those living in a shelter should make sure it’s always turned on. Look for the hand held units since they are portable and much more affordable.

  1. The Dosimeters

This device measures the amount of dose (radiation) received. The dosimeters meant for civilians are user friendly. There are electronic versions (though they are not very reliable), wallet card dosimeters. The wallet models have strips of film that are sensitive to radiation. Each strip has been constructed to turn dark when a certain dose level of radiation is reached. This device makes sure that nobody gets to the dangerous dose level of radiation.

  1. The Iodine tablets

During a nuclear disaster, iodine 131 is one of the radioactive substances that will be in the air. This iodine is very lethal to humans. In order to protect yourself, you will need to pre-dose. You can do this by taking iodine that is non-radioactive hence prevent the iodine 131 from being absorbed.  You should get FDA approved potassium iodide tablets. These tablets should be taken immediately a nuclear emergency has been declared, make sure to get the tablets before the environment gets contaminated. The other option would be to eat foods that have plenty of iodine in them.

  1. Diet supplements

Combined with the iodine tablets, taking other diet supplements can help the body resists any effect that can be caused by radiation. Though their effect isn’t as great as iodine tablets, however you can still utilize them in reducing the effects of nuclear radiation. These supplements are:

  • Activated charcoal: has the ability to remove fallouts, can trap the radioactive substance and help the body eliminate the substance.
  • Calcium supplements: will block the calcium forms that are in radioactive form, (strontium-90 is one element present in the fallout that can be blocked by calcium).
  • Vitamin E: it’s a cleating agent, binds itself to other compounds and chemicals then helps the body to get rid of them.
  1. Water filters

In case of a radiation attack, you will be faced with a shortage of clean water. The only water that will be safe for drinking will be the one that you had stored before the radiation. Even boiling the water won’t get rid of the contamination. Fallout happens to be a complex chemical problem and boiling the water won’t solve the situation. A standard water filter can be able to get rid of the fallout in water. Though it’s good to always check if the fallout are accumulating in the filter and remove them early enough before they turn into a nuclear radiation hazard. It’s recommended that after 10 gallons you change the filters, dispose them by burning or burying.  The best filter will be activated charcoal filter as it will be able to even get rid of radioactive isotopes that have dissolved in water. There are also filter jugs that are available and are also very effective.

  1. The Gas masks

Inhaling any fallout makes it very dangerous and lethal, since the radioactive substance gets into your lungs and hence start damaging your respiratory system. Having a gas mask during a nuclear disaster will make sure your respiratory system is protected. You can even use a bandana by wrapping it around your face. When picking gas masks you should pick the ones used in the military since they are most efficient. Remember to always change the canisters after every 24hrs.

  1. The Protective clothing

Having any fallouts on your clothes or skin will expose you to radiation. Make sure your skin is covered as much as possible. The NBC military suit and the Mark IV British suit are among the best suits on the market. If your budget doesn’t allow you to get such, you can get an outer layer that is waterproof. You can also use a disposable rain poncho. For your feet go for rubber boots, they pick less fallout and are easier to clean. You can also use heavy plastic papers/bags to carefully wrap your feet. Make sure there your hands are also covered.

  1. Cleaning up

When cleaning your body after being exposed to any fallout, it’s recommended to avoid scrubbing as this will make the fallouts get deeper into your skin. Just let the running water wash the fallout away. You can use wet wipes or Towelettes to clean your skin. The Radiacwash Towelettes might be too expensive. You can use the normal wet wipes since they are just as good. Just make sure you don’t scrub your skin.

  1. Repair kit

Most of us will have shelters that have been well built and able to maximum protection from all the fallout. What you will now need is a repair kit, just in case something happens and a section of the shelter is destroyed. You will need to have all the basic materials that will be needed to carry out a full repair (most of the time duct tape, plastic sheet that is heavy). You can include some sandbags. If you are using the Geiger counter and it indicates that the radiation is from a crack in the wall, then you can use sandbags to increase the thickness of the wall. Spare filters will be needed for shelters that are HEPA filtration design. This filtration system will also need a supply of power that is reliable. However, if you are in a bunker you will be much safer, but not 100% free of being exposed to any danger of radiation. That’s why you should always double check there is no radiation coming your way.


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