10 Simple Ways you can call for Help


In case you happen to get lost in a hostile environment, it’s important that you know the way you can call for help. Whenever we get lost many of us focus on getting clean water and good shelter. We tend to forget that calling for help is very important and could be the solution to your predicament. It’s one of the best survival skills. It will also help the search party find you faster. Below are some of the ways you can use to signal for help.

  1. Your Mobile Phone

Whenever you leave the house, you should always have your mobile phone with you. This should be done always especially when you plan on going for a hike or any outdoor activity. Make sure when you leave the house, your phone is fully charged and that you can be able to get emergency reception. There is a mesh network that will enable you to use your phone even when your phone has no reception. Apart from calling, you can use the flashlight that is on the back part of your phone to signal someone for help. The screen can also be used as a reflector in case you are lost in the mountains.

  1. A Satellite Phone

Though they are very expensive, they are the most reliable portable communication device. Also, you get satellite minutes when you purchase your satellite phone. They can be used anywhere and operate by suing the roving satellites. They will offer you a constant and reliable connection.

  1. The Personal Locator Beacons

You can get your own locator beacon, the Emergency Position Indicator Radio Beacon (EPIRB), can function as a reliable locator beacon, apart from that it’s also more affordable compared to the satellite phone. The locator functions by sending your geographical location coordinates in case you will be in any emergency.  This is done through an advanced GPS beacon. The information is sent to several search & rescue networks.

  1. The Signal Mirror

If you want to use mirroring to call for help. Then any reflective object can be very useful. Make sure the reflection is directed upwards, this makes it ideal to signal planes and choppers. It can be sued to signal vehicles and people on land, if you on the cliff, mountain or a ridge. Mirrors are very cheap. Mirroring is very simple, all you need to do is to direct the reflection to your target. The only challenge is that it needs reliable and good sunlight to work effectively.

  1. The Signal Whistle

They are a better option compared to the mirrors, especially when trapped in specific situations. At night a whistle can prove to be very useful (also sound travels faster at night). Whether you are in the forest at night or you are in the sea floating, the whistle can prove to be the most effective way of signaling for help.

  1. The Flashlight

Any form of flashlight can be very useful. If you are using a flashlight place your hand in front of the flashlight and then make signals. Flashlight from your phone can also be very useful.

  1. The Flare

They come in varieties. They are the best to have when you get lost. Despite the type of situation you are in, flares can prove to be the most effective signals for help. In the sea, mountains or in the forest, a flare can give you the needed signal. A glow stick/ Cyalume is another method that you can sue to call for help. It’s not a flare, but then it can be used by swinging it in circles. They last longer and are a strong light source.

  1. Bright objects and materials

Most outdoor activity gears and apparel are made of bright colors so that you are always safe. Not only does it protect you from being injured but then it also helps in making sure you can get help much faster in case you are injured. When going out in the wild pick colors that can be very visible even from a distance. Even the tents you pick should be brightly colored. If you are in the coastal region, then you might consider darker colors that will contrast the white sandy bitches.

  1. Fire!

This can be deemed as the most common way that many people would use to signal for help. It doesn’t need to be just fire, if it’s daytime you can create a fire with plenty of smoke, but at night your fire should be as bright as possible. A smoky fire can be started using stuff that don’t easily burn: green sticks, damp wood, rotten wood, logs, rubber or plastic. For a daytime fire look for dry wood and leaves, things that will make your fire bigger and brighter.

  1. The Emergency Blanket

Having a thermal blanket is very important, plenty of the survival and the medical kits have emergency blankets. This blanket can prove to be very useful, especially in the wilderness. It not only keeps you warm at night, but then it also can be sued to signal for help. Most of these blankets are brightly colored and hence very visible. They are also very cheap and portable.


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