5 Important Things to Have in a Post Disaster Urban Environment


The whole town is recovering from a disaster. Everything is a mess and nothing is promising when it comes to survival. This means there will be a massive shortage in water, food, fuel, security and other basic necessities you need to survive. You will be faced with the scenarios below:

  • No clean air to breathe
  • A possible injury that could result in severe bleeding
  • Extreme temperatures
  • No access to clean water
  • Lack of shelter and security
  • Lack of good and healthy food.

These are some of the circumstances that you will find yourself in when surviving a disaster in an urban environment. All these scenarios endanger your life. You will need the below 5 things so as to survive the above scenarios and other predetermined scenarios that might pop up.

  1. Surviving lack of clean air to breathe

Most survival rules tend to neglect the aspect of breathing since many of us assume that we will always have access to clean air despite the type of disaster. What we forget is that the same air can also kill us, if it’s exposed to poisonous gasses. Not to mention most urban places have very polluted air and a disaster will just worsen the situation. It gets worse if you have any form of respiratory illness as they can easily be killed by these poisonous gases. To avoid such scenario, it’s good to always have a face mask, which can filter these gases and other compounds in the air. You can also have several masks that are anti-dust. Look for a reliable mask like the A-MOHO masks that offer higher dust resistance. For environment exposed to radiations, look for the NBC proof masks. Very useful in offering protection from chemical substance, biological substance and nuclear radiations.

  1. Dealing with a serious infection or a severe bleeding

A cut in the main artery is very fatal. 30 seconds later you will consciousness and within 3 minutes you will be dead if you don’t know how to stop the bleeding. In case of any bleeding, you will need plenty of bandages to stop the bleeding. Apply a lot of pressure using a gauze to stop the blood. You can get a Quick-Clot gauze, it’s a clotting gauze that is advanced commonly used in the ER and by the military. In case of a large cut using a tourniquet on the cut will help in stopping the blood circulation to where the cut is. You will find several medical gauzes in the first-aid kits.  Having a medical survival kit will help you in disinfecting any wound and stopping the bleeding. Though you will have to buy the tourniquet and the Quick-Clot gauzes since they are not packed in the first-aid kits.

  1. Shelter and Security

Having a good shelter that offers security is very crucial. Your shelter should protect from freezing, dehydration or getting sunstroke. Having a good shelter will protect from any impending environment that might arise in your environment. In an urban setting, you will probably be surrounded by buildings that’s why you should think like the homeless people and hence be able to survive. It’s important that you know the temperature that is around you. Cold weather means you dress warmly. Hot environment will require you to get hydrated and hence seek plenty of water and shade. To keep warm have thermal blankets, they prove to be very useful emergency items that help in insulating the body hence keep you warm. They can also work as good shelter also.

When it comes to security there are some things that you will need to have. NOTE: You don’t need to carry a machine gun. If you have any military defence tactics, then they will be very useful. Though some countries do permit carrying a gun. But if you are not permitted to carry a gun, you can carry a crossbow (it’s a silent weapon and deadly), it also uses reusable ammunition. Non-lethal choices that are more affordable include air rifles and pepper sprays.

  1. Surviving dehydration and thirst

In an urban westernized environment, there will always be plenty of clean water. But in case of a disaster there will be a water flow shortage. That’s why it’s good to have a stockpile of water. Make sure the water you store will be enough for your family. You can have apparel like water tanks. The water source you use must be filtered. Make sure the water filter you get is good. If you are going out, pick a water reservoir that will be able to fit into your bag.

  1. Surviving starvation and hunger

Lack of food can be a big problem. You can only survive with 3 weeks without eating. Lacking food in a harsh environment can worsen the situation. You can get food bars that are packed with calories and enough nutrients.  These bars can last 3 days and have a 5 year lifespan. You can also store some MREs in the house. You can eat them from the packet or you can warm them. Each box contains 12 meals with necessities and condiments like pepper, sugar, salt and coffee. You can store them since they have a long shelf-life. You can also store natural juice that also has a long life.


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