It’s already freezing and winter is upon us. Though this long well deserved vacation has its own challenges and fun, especially with Christmas celebrations lighting up the cold season, you still need to make sure you are fully prepared to enjoy the winter season. This season like any other hostile climate needs plenty of preparation since the snow and cold come with some dangers.

Many of us will focus more on making holiday preparations for friends and family, but then it’s also important to make sure some things around the house are kept intact to avoid any accident occurring. So how does one get ready for the winter season?

  1. Look for gaps around the door frames and the windows

In case you found gaps on the door frames and the windows that a credit card can easily fit in then it means you will be losing plenty of heat. Loosing heat will increase your energy consumption expenses and use up your stored energy. To cover the gaps use a sealant (silicone caulk). These sealants are very cheap and can be found at your local stores. Get a sealant that is all weather. Attic stairways always have spots that will encourage heat loss, therefore get a cover to keep the stairway insulated and hence trap the warmth inside the house.

  1. Reverse trick on the ceiling fans

If the ceiling fans in your house have a reverse switch, then you should use it. When ceiling fans are running in the clockwise direction, they instead push the house heat down, hence increasing the temperature in the room. This is very useful, especially if your house has high ceilings.

  1. Store the sprinklers and garden hoses in the house and drain any water from them

If you leave the sprinklers and the hoses outside and there is water in them, the cold temperature will damage them. The water inside will freeze and hence expand hence spoiling the spring leaks, the faucets and the taps. So if you want to avoid unnecessary expenses of buying new sprinklers and the garden hoses after winter, it’s best you store them properly in the house. All the outdoor faucets should be turned off.

  1. The outdoor machinery and vehicles should be prepared

For the motors and any automobile in the house, you can preserve the fuel by adding the fuel stabilizer to your fuel. Get the STA-BIL fuel stabilizer, it’s very cheap and will be able to store your fuel the whole winter. If you plan on driving in a snowy weather, then you can get some clip-on snow chains, to prevent your car from skidding on the road.

  1. Cleaning the garage

Make sure the garage is thoroughly cleaned beforehand so that you can keep your car(s) inside. This will prevent your car from being covered with large lumps of snow. You can also store other outdoor machineries in the garage. Make sure you move them in before the snow starts falling.

  1. Getting the heaters ready

House heaters will be very useful during this cold season. Make sure the heaters, fireplace chimneys and the chimneys are very clean. The fire chimneys tend to have plenty of built residue that tends to stick to the walls. If not removed with time these residues will cause structural damage. There are experts who offer chimney cleaning services, they will also evaluate your chimney and recommend any repairs. The filter in the furnace should also be changed. Backup heaters can be very useful, especially when heating up the bathroom showers.

  1. Having the proper winter tools and equipment

The more it snows the more you will need to get rid of the snow. Having a reliable snow shovel will be very useful. Look for a wide snow shovel since it will be able to move large chunks of snow. It will also function just as effectively as a snow pusher. Combined with the silicone spray the snow shovel works very well. You should also make sure you have the correct snow clothing and apparel. When scraping off the ice, you should use salt as it helps in defrosting the ice.

  1. Using the snow thrower

We now have electric snow thrower shovel which makes the whole snow scrapping work easier. Though there are more expensive models, still they will help you a lot in mowing the snow. If you have thick snow, then you can avoid back breaking turmoil by using the electric snow thrower shovel.

  1. Working and reliable fire extinguishers

Indoor fire outbreaks are very common during the winter season. This is contributed by the many fires and heaters that surround us in an effort to keep us warm.  Having fire extinguishers that work is very important. They should be in date and also all family members must be taught on how to use them and be taught about the fire emergency safety tips. When using the fire extinguishers always remember the PASS guideline.

  • P – Pulling the pin correctly.
  • A – Aiming at the fire’s lower base, it’s the location of the fire’s fuel source.
  • S – Squeezing the lever located above the extinguisher’s handle. Some have buttons instead of levers.
  • S – Sweeping the fire extinguisher sideways while aiming it at the lower base. Do this until the flames die.
  1. Having well equipped winter survival kits in the house and in the car

Having your own winter survival kits is very important as this will always keep you prepared at all times during the winter season. Some of the important things you need to have in your survival kits are:

  • Thermal blanket
  • Ice scraper for your car
  • Snow shovel that is compact
  • Hand-crank torch
  • Ice melter that is non toxic
  • A first aid kit
  • Several jumper cables
  • Additional fuel container
  • Tow straps
  • Fuel stabilizer
  • Coolant
  • Snow brushes
  • Snow chains
  • Car tools

Lastly, make sure the winter season is as fun as always.


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