When people start preparing for any emergencies, many of us think about food storage. But what we forget to understand is that it’s not just about storing a stock of bottled water or plenty of packets of dried food. It’s very important that we understand the right steps to take when it comes to proper storage of food. Many of us tend to make the below 5 mistakes when we start to store emergency food supplies, we also look at the best ways to correct these mistakes.

  1. Storing foodstuff that you can’t cook/prepare or don’t like

You might be tempted to get plenty of wheat and store it up. The challenge comes in when you don’t know how to turn that wheat you have stored, into bread. Some of us when in a panic mode end up storing the type of food we don’t like or worse, the food we are allergic to. When you plan on storing food, look for foodstuff that are very common in your daily or weekly menu. In emergency cases when you eat food that you are used to, it will be advantageous to ones’ mental health. There are the pre packed emergency food kits, if you plan on buying these, it’s best you first try a sample and see if you will like it or if you are allergic to it. Make sure you rotate the food you have stored, this will avid the food getting expired while in storage and it will also give you a chance to start in cooperating the stored food into your daily meal plan. Make use of the pantry staples they will reduce the grocery bill.

  1. Storing your foodstuff improperly

If you plan on storing your food for more than 6 six months, then your storage facility ought to have stable temperatures with correct humidity levels. The basement can be good, if it’s cool and dark. Though you must be careful since basements tend to get damp or can get flooded during heavy rains. Therefore, picking a place in the main house where the moisture and temperature levels can be controlled will be the best deal. Avoid storing up all your foodstuffs in one particular place, keep your eggs in different baskets. Your food storage place should also be proof of pests or any insects. You can buckets and tins to store food supplies that are long-lasting. If you want to use the initial packets of the food, then it’s good that you rotate the food supplies regularly while checking the expiration dates frequently. Make sure mice can’t access your storage or else they will cause you more damage than a disaster could have caused.

  1. Lack of food variety in your storage

This is one mistake that is so common. You go to the food store and you realize you stocked your food supplies with more carbohydrates and vitamins with no proteins. Having a variety is good not only for nutrition, but also to enhance the flavor of the food. We have to realize that carbohydrates are not the only important food nutrients, though it’s the easiest to store. You can have a checklist to make sure all the important food groups are stored. There are plenty of efficient ways of storing up protein, vegetables, meat and even dried fruits.  Dried milk can help to meet the dairy needs of your household. Look for prepackaged meals to complement your menu.

  1. Failing to remember the basic little things

Spices, salt, oils and any other condiments are important. They might seem like basic things, but then when thinking about an emergency nobody ever thinks about buying salt for storage. We even ignore baking ingredients and all these little things are very important in making the simplest meals. The good thing is that most of these things can last longer than even your stored food supplies. You don’t need to buy them in large quantities, just an extra packet of what you normally use will go a long way. When you will be buying the packet of salt, just get an extra packet and then store it up. This habit will make you have an efficient stock of the little supplies. Combined with proper frequent rotation you will be guaranteed of having a fresh supply. Candy bars and desserts are also very important. You can even store food supplements like protein bars. These sweet treats will be able to supply with enough nutrients and sugar to keep you going. Remember the golden rule about rotation.

  1. No Food Rotation or food supplies going bad

It doesn’t make sense to buy extra food supplies and then leaving them to go bad on the shelves. It’s not only a waste of money, but then it will make the whole process of emergency storage look like a waste of time and resources. Rotation is very important and must be implemented in order to make the whole storage process be successful. Make sure you use the food you have stored frequently while restocking, don’t forget to always check the expiration dates when buying and using. Even though there are some foodstuffs that can last even 20 years, still, it’s good not to store and forget. Rotation gives you a chance to monitor how safe the food is, whether there has been any pest attack on the food or not.

The whole process of food storage will definitely be intimating and challenging at first. If you are able to get a grip of the above things to watch out for, then you will realize it’s quite an easy task to do. You will not only enjoy fresh and good food supplies during an emergency, but you will have enough to last you. Remember fresh food guarantees you a delicious meal that is very nutritious. The god thing about food storage is the ability to start small, with just the extra packet you buy at the store when doing your groceries.


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