Between Gun & Bows which one is more important for Survival?

guns and bows

At one point you might be faced with a situation that will require you to protect yourself in a harsh environment. This will require you to have the skills and the correct weapons that will enable you to protect yourself. The most common type of weapons are guns or bows. For many years many preppers have been faced with the dilemma of: which, among the two weapons is the most effective. Some will prefer bows over guns, we have decided to cover each of the two protective weapons in details so that you can be able to make an informed choice, when picking the best weapon to protect yourself.


They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The same way guns vary in sizes and shapes. If you think about handling bows, you definitely need the necessary skills and experience so that you end up protecting yourself or you can end up harming yourself. You can’t be an amateur when you plan on using bows for protection and survival. Despite the type of bow you use, care has to be embraced or else you will end up harming yourself instead of protecting your family or yourself.

The Merits of Using a Bow as a Weapon

  • Bows can be easily made from simple basic materials. Arrows can be easily made also despite the harsh environment you are in. With the correct skills and experience making a bow and an arrow can be very easy. On the other hands you can’t make a gun or ammo, when your supply gets depleted.
  • Compared to a gun, a bow is a silent weapon. There won’t be any noticeable noise when you use it (which can easily give away your location to the enemy). It’s a silent way of disabling your enemy without them expecting it.
  • An arrow moves at a slow speed, which means you have ample time to move to a new location in case the enemy tries to spot where the arrow was shot from. You can also kill more targets because of the slow speed, by moving to different locations where enemies are located.

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The Demerits of using a Bow as a Weapon

  • The rate at which you fire the arrows is very slow compared to someone shooting a gun. You first have to add the arrow to your bow, then fire. Someone with a gun that is already loaded will have a higher rate of firing.
  • Using a bow effectively needs intense training that requires a lot of time. If you are faced in a survival emergency situation, you might not have the luxury of time. Most people who have mastered the art of archery will concur that it takes plenty of time to become an expert.
  • Distance between you and your target should not be big, you have to be closer to your target for you to have a killer shot. If there are any obstructions in the path of the arrow, then it means you have to possess stealth skills. Without good skills, your enemy will notice you before you even fire your arrow.


It’s evident that guns have more popularity when it comes to weapons that are user friendly. Apart from that, they are considered to be the most powerful weapon, which can be used in most survival situations. The new rifles being sold in the market have the ability to offer very good shot ranges. Some even offer accurate shots as far as 600 yards. The ammunition in a gun can easily kill a target with just one shot.

The Merits of using Guns

  • They can deliver an impressive shot over a long distance unlike the bow and arrow. The aim is easy and simple, and can be comfortably done in any position, standing, sitting as long as you can aim your target. However, there are factors that will determine the kind of ammunition and gun to use, it’s obvious if you want an accurate shot over a long distance, go for a gun.
  • It can easily take down a target. It needs very minimal effort and a single shot has the ability to shoot down a potential enemy, which can be a little challenging when you suing arrows. If you are not an expert in archery you might end up using several bows to get your target down.
  • Learning the art of shooting a gun is very easy, some people don’t even need the classes. They just aim and fire at a target. If you happen to go to a shooting class, within a few days or weeks you will a pro at using guns. Unlike archery which will demand a lot of time.

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The Demerits of using Guns

  • In case you are faced with a shortage of bullets or ammunition, your gun will be useless. The scenario is very different with bows, since you can make bows very easily if you are trapped in the forest or wildness.

Right now you must have a clue of which weapon will best suit you when faced with a survival situation? Remember both the bow and the gun have their own specific places where their use can be applied effectively.


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