Danger is one of the most unpredictable natural scenarios you will ever experience in life. No matter how much caution you take, danger will still find its way and pop up on your face. That’s why it’s better to be prepared on how to deal with the scenario instead of depending on passersby to help you. Knowing you can protect yourself will also boost your self-confidence to continue with your life without any fears.  Self-defense is important as it will give you a chance to protect yourself and sometimes your attacker from any physical harm. You will not also incur any property loss.

Hough you can experience violence from people who are mentally unstable, and such situations will require you to protect yourself and property without harming them. Below we look at some basic moves that you can use to defend yourself from a potential danger.

  1. The Knee-caps Attack:

When you look at the base of any building, you will realize it’s the part that stabilizes the whole structure. If you are in a situation and the chances of being attacked are very high, stay as calm as possible and try to have a civil conversation with your opponent. Communicating with your opponent, will give you a hint as to why he/she is attacking you. If the reason is because they want some cash from you, you can avoid conflict and violence by just giving them the money. If communication doesn’t work, then you will have to implement the 2nd strategy which is having a firm and consistent eye contact with your opponent. This will make your opponent feel that you have the ability to defend yourself and fight back. Hence, they will either get scared or run away or they will feel offended, and make a move to attack you. If he/she makes a move to attack you, strike his/her knee cap using your leg, preferably the right leg. They will immediately become helpless and will need plenty of time to get back on their feet again. This will be the perfect chance for you to run. If the environment is limited then you can call for help using your phone or just scream.

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  1. Attacking Your Opponent’s Groin:

One you need to understand everyone has a Hercules’ heel. Since many of the attackers we meet are male, you need to understand the weak point of your opponent. When you have been attacked and there is no room for running or escaping, then the best plan would be to get aggressive. If your opponent is just pretending to be strong, when you get aggressive they will get scared and take off. But if you opponent smiles at your aggressive behavior, it means they are strong fighters and will definitely harm you so the best move would be to stop. Place your hands on his/her shoulders, then using your knee (the right one) strike their groin with all your might. One of the most sensitive parts of the male anatomy is the groin, any strong impact will immobilize a man for almost 15 minutes to 20 minutes. The other easier option would be to use your hand and then pull hard and/or twist the groin like a rope. Using this method will immobilize your male opponent immediately.

  1. Attacking The Solar Plexus/ Ribs:

Many of us feel helpless and frustrated when they are attacked. They depend on other people to come and help them, they forget that they are very capable of getting themselves out of that situation. Having fighting skills will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to protect yourself. The first skill of protecting yourself is learning how to escape from incoming danger, if you have the chance to run away, grab it and ran. If that doesn’t work, you can strike a strong blow on their ribs (solar plexus), this move will break the force of your assailant and give about 20 minutes minimum to run away. Apart from the ribs, you can target some of the softest tissues found in the human body like under the nose. A blow on under the nose can make someone be unconscious hence give you ample time to escape.

Other items that you can carry to scare away assailants are:

  • A pepper spray.
  • A stun gun
  • A hidden weapon.

Apart from all the above tips it’s highly recommended that one takes fighting skills classes so as to be able to have both the confidence and skills to protect themselves when in danger. Remember that everybody is vulnerable and can be attacked, so many should not assume that only females are prone to attacks. Even the men need to have fighting skills, if not to protect themselves, but to protect their family.


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