Being a new Prepper you will be bombarded with plenty of information. The sad part is that most of that information will be wrong. Many new preppers will make many mistakes before learning all the tricks in the book. To hasten the learning process we have a list of some of the common mistakes that new preppers and the best ways to avoid making the same mistakes.

  1. Lacking a personal survival library.

Who need books when we can get all information we want from ebooks and the internet. This is the major reason why many of us have very poor reading culture. It’s good to have your own collection of survival books. Not only will they keep you busy when bored, but then they will also have very important instructions like how to build fires, purify water, attend to a medical wound, etc. The best trick is to always read about all these before going into the wilderness. Still, it’s not possible to master everything, so carrying a small survival library with you always will prove to be very useful.

  1. Giving supplies more priority than skills

Having the very best books doesn’t mean that survival skills should be ignored. You can never predict what will happen and your library getting destroyed. The same way these books can be destroyed is the same way your food supplies and survival gears can be destroyed by any natural disaster. That’s why you need to master all the necessary survival skills that you will need. The gears and the supplies are useless if you lack the skills on how to use them effectively.

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  1. Poor water preps.

Water is important. You can survive without food for a longer duration, but with water, it’s a very different case. You are better off equipped with the correct water prep skills. The water supply, you have, should be able to last you long enough just as the amount of food you have. The other skills would be how to find and collect water. This means that you always have to have a water purifier with you so that you don’t drink contaminated water.

  1. Limited varieties of food supplies.

New preppers will focus on buying sugar, rice, salt, flour and beans. This is such a basic menu that if you plan on surviving on it after any disaster you will have a miserable diet. The body will suffer food fatigue and have a hard time adjusting to the basic menu. Make your survival food very appetizing and having a variety of foodstuffs means you will have plenty of nutrients. You will definitely be satisfied after every meal.

  1. Forgetting about the foodstuff you have stored or not eating the foodstuff

You can buy all the foodstuffs you require, but then you forget about the stored foodstuffs. At the end of the day you have plenty of rotten food or expired foodstuffs. When storing up foodstuff, make sure the items in the list are what you frequently eat as this will enable you to easily do food storage rotation. If you don’t like cooking then you have the option of pre-packed meals, though it’s recommended that one knows how to prepare meals using the most basic ingredients.

  1. Lack of enough vitamins.

The majority of the modern diets lack most of the nutrients we need and that’s why taking multivitamins becomes very useful. In a survival situation you will need all the nutrients you can access. Being in a harsh environment and being exposed to potential danger will have a negative effect on the immune system and use up a lot of energy from your body. Vitamins have the ability to keep the body healthy and very strong.

  1. Depending on your food storage.

Most of the above points have revolved around the importance of food. Though it’s very evident that any of us will think about, food, water and shelter when faced in a survival environment. You also have other priorities like maintaining good health, making sure you are well protected from any potential danger, cooking equipment, protective wear and weapons. As you focus on food, give other important things the same priority as food.

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  1. An arsenal focus mentality

Don’t be tempted to concentrate on ammo, guns or any other weapons, in an effort to make sure you are always protected from any potential danger. These items can also be used to hunt for food or carry out a barter trade for other supplies. This might not work effectively if you live close to a city. Many people will have zero concentration on ammunition, instead they will be more willing to trade food with other more important supplies. Just have enough weapons that will come in handy when it comes to self-defense.

  1. Neglecting your pets

When most of us start preparing for an emergency, we totally forget to make room for our pets. Pets also need preps, that’s why make sure your pet not only has enough food, water, but that they also have a secure shelter.

  1. Planning the bugging out process.

The bug out pack is important and so is the vehicle survival kits, especially if you don’t get an early warning of a coming disaster. When disaster strikes, the first thing that is  normally paralyzed is transportation, that’s why you must be prepared to take shelter in any environment that you will be in, when the disaster strikes.


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