9 Best Ways to Deal with Emergencies While On Vacation


It’s that time of the year when many people are planning to escape from the cold by going on a vacation. This well-deserved vacation has probably been planned since the beginning of the year. Booking a good hotel and having your flight ticket ready might the only things that most of us think about when planning a vacation, and having enough cash. Despite of where you are going for vacation, disaster can strike anytime. This means that you should always be prepared for any form of crisis. Better be safe than be sorry later on. This is very crucial especially if you are taking a vacation in a new place, outside the state and the country. You can be faced with severe weather conditions, social unrest or terrorist attacks. The world has turned out to be very unpredictable.

Below are good tips of survival you can implement when going on a holiday so as to make sure both you and your family are ready for anything, while still enjoying your holiday.

  1. Have an agent familiar with the place and the community

An agent who is a local is a big asset, not only do they take you to the most beautiful parts of the city you are visiting and watch out for you so that you are not conned. This same agent can prove to be very useful when you are faced with a disaster in a new place, your hotel will not be very useful. Your agent should be someone who knows all the local places, authorities, rules and be able to take you to your embassy when things get really bad. Having an agent will give you the opportunity to enjoy your holiday without the worries of travel negotiations, language barriers or dealing with emergencies. When looking for an agent, you can ask a friend to recommend to you one, if they have visited the place before.

  1. Learning the skill of building an efficient travel bag

When going to a vacation, you frequently see many people with big suitcases, sometimes bigger than ours or smaller. But, the obvious fact is that we all like travelling with a lot of stuff when going for a vacation.  This might be harder when you just have 10 minutes to pack in an unpredictable situation. Many countries will have different laws and rules, but then always have your portable preparedness gear with you. Your emergency travel backpack should have all the crucial survival items like your identification documents and travel papers.

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  1. Getting a travel insurance

When we go on holiday we tend to make unnecessary purchases of souvenirs or antiques, things that were not in your travel plans. Very few people ever embrace the aspect of taking a travel insurance. Many consider it as a waste of money. Just like any other insurance, a travel insurance will keep you ready and prepared when faced with a crisis. Most of the things that are covered will be your travel expenses. They also have medical evacuation, which is crucial if you are in a foreign country.

  1. Do research on the negative things about your holiday destination

Even me, I have fallen a victim of always looking at the good and fun places of my holiday destination when planning a vacation. We forget to do some deep research on the bad things about the place. Knowing the bad things keeps you in the know, on what to expect. Knowing local scams, type of community, bad streets and neighborhoods is very crucial. Some dangerous situation can be obvious but can catch us unawares because we focused to ignore them, like the lack of clean water to drink. Cover every aspect about the place, the community and the cultures before travelling there.

  1. Keep your rental Covered for unexpected emergencies

Car insurance can be very handy when it comes to having your rental expenses covered. You can purchase a new car insurance or use your normal personal motor vehicle insurance. You don’t want to get into an accident and you are in another country with lack of proper insurance. Dealing with the local law enforcers and the residents will become a nightmare.

  1. Don’t ignore the combo bookings

Booking your airfare with your cruise line might seem to be very convenient. This gives the company the sole responsibility of making sure we get to the cruise ship in case there is a flight delay. You can avoid possible delays by travelling a day or two earlier. You will have plenty of time to rest and even explore the local town and do some shopping. The extra time will give you time to deal with any unpredictable emergencies.

  1. Be prepared for Weather risks, they cause many trips to be cancelled

Bad weather can make us cancel our long planned holiday. Sometimes the media might exaggerate the whole situation, so it’s good to ask your agent how things are. Before you cancel you should check the policy of your travel insurance, hotel bookings etc. To avoid all these, it’s good to pay close attention to all the weather updates and only leave when things are safe. You might end up enjoying an upgrade when many people cancel their bookings.

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  1. Have a reliable smartphone with a few travel backup apps

They are not only good communication devices, but they can guide you around a city, warn you of any possible threats in the area you are in. You can install weather apps on your phone, so that you get frequent weather updates on your phone. Other important apps would be the local news app, to keep you updated on the events around you. You can sign up for SMS alerts from the airlines so that you get frequent updates related to travel delays, weather updates.  You can also have eBooks that can be useful like first-aid eBooks, travel guides etc.

  1. Know where your embassy is located

When in a foreign country, the first place you should visit is your embassy and even get a few emergency contact numbers. In case the country has a national security crisis you might need to leave the country immediately. Having the correct contacts from your embassy can help a lot. Another tip, would be to have copies of your identification documents and travel papers. You can even have scanned or digital copies.

If you are on vacation in a foreign place or country, then you should be prepared for anything, this means even if you are having fun, you should not be reckless and assume things. Being prepared will allow you to enjoy your holiday and worry less.


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