Crucial Survival Skills for Kids


The safety of our children is the number one priority of every parent. Every day you meet parents who are so scared of their kids getting into any danger that they become paranoid. Your fear can push you to literally do everything for your kid(s). We get satisfaction when our kids are totally dependent on us. The danger with this over dependency is that, we make our kids to become functionless toys with no batteries, when we are not there. If we are not there during a crisis, our children can be easily crushed. We as parents, we have been given the sole responsibility to make sure that our kids are able to comfortably take care of themselves when faced with nay crisis.

Life can be very unpredictable and you might not be there for them, or you might need their help in times of crisis. You can never tell when your kid will need to use the survival skills you have taught them. Teaching your kid simple survival skills will make them realize that the problem is not so big, but that they are capable of helping out at the end of the day. If your kid is equipped with the basic emergency medical skills, then he/she can be able even to help their friends and classmates at school when an accident occurs. Therefore the skills your kid learns, will not only benefit them but also those around them.

Below are some of the most important survival skills, which each parent should teach their kids.

  1. Making sure that their environment is very safe, and be able to look for help if need be

Many of us parents, allow our kids to give 100% concentration to video games and the TV. They concentrate so much on entertainment that they forget what is happening around them. It’s crucial that your kid be able to tell what is happening in their environment. Being keen about their surroundings will enable them to know if there is an incoming danger or not. Also, you should make sure that your kids is well trained to be calm when faced with a crisis, as this will enable them to look for safety. When kids panic, they can’t think straight and will just cry and sit in one place. The other important thing about learning their environment is that, when they get lost, they can be able to effectively describe where they are and know the right individual to ask for help. As part of their safety, help your kids from an early age to memorize important contacts (their names, parents’ names, parents’ phone number, the names of close family members and home address). Make sure they know the major landmarks around their homes, school or any familiar place that you frequent as a family (like the church, etc.) Familiar places will make a child comfortable and hence be able to open up to someone who is familiar to him/her and their family.

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  1. Self-defense Skills

This happens to be the worst nightmare of every parent, a situation arising where your child has to physically defend themselves and you are not there. Having some basic skills to help your kid fight back a stranger will not only prevent them from being kidnapped but also boost their self-confidence. Kids can use either their hands or nails to fight back. Apart from fighting, shouting for help when in danger hence attract the attention of passersby. If your child is old enough, you can teach them how to handle weapons during a hostile scenario and how to run away. Let them understand between a good touch from a person and a bad touch.

  1. Survival skills to be used in the wilderness

Many families like vacations and outdoor activities as a way of bonding as a family. In the wilderness everyone needs to learn the survival skills, even your kids need to learn these skills. Should a disaster strike, they should be able to find shelter, look for water, call for help, and look for food. These are just some of the basic survival skills. Depending on the type of outdoor activities you frequent as a family, you will teach your child basic survival skills. If you are always in the sea or lakes, teach your kid how to row a boat, in the forest teach them how to make shelter, climb trees and protect themselves from animal attacks. Simple tricks like making a fire and keeping the fire burning are very important, fire will keep them warm and can be used to call for help. Swimming is very important in most disaster scenarios. Teach your kids how to detect, clean and safe water.

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  1. Simple First-Aid Skills

Most of parents ignore this important skill, which is not only useful for survival, but it’s something that your child can use in their day to day activities. Teach your kids how to carefully clean a wound and/or burn, to avoid secondary infection. Though when it’s a critical emergency they should get the assistance of an adult. In case they are not able to handle the situation, give them an alternative number they can call if you are unreachable. Remember accidents can happen anywhere and at any given time, having good first aid medical skills will give you some consolation that your kid can take good care of himself in case of such an accident.

The above tips are just among the important tips. Being self-reliant will be very useful to your child. Let them learn how to use the knife without hurting themselves or anyone. Self-confidence is also very important, teach your child to always be ready to use their skills to help, regardless of the environment. This will give them a chance to sharpen their survival skills.


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