If you happen to have been brought up in the Southeast of Idaho, you would know the importance of being warm. The place can have snowfall for over 5 months and you will need to learn all the tricks of staying warm. When you are Prepper, you will always be on the lookout for cheap ways of staying warm especially during the winter season. We have a list of the best 5 options that will work off the grid and are definitely worth considering.

  1. The Candle/ Terracotta Heater

Candle heaters are known to be a cheap way of keeping warm when you have a relatively cold day to deal with. The pots generate heat that will keep the room warm. The heater uses the Ikea tea candles. Since candles burn out, you will need to replace the light candles after every four hours.  Even though its number 1 in our list it should not be considered as the first choice when faced with an emergency need for heat. The heater can be easily made at home if you follow the DIY videos that are available online. You will need the following materials when making a terracotta heater:

  • A terracotta pot (large in size)
  • A terracotta pot (small in size)
  • Two terracotta saucers that are very small
  • A terracotta saucer (larger in size)
  • Tea-light Ikea candles (5 in number) though you will need more for replacement after every 4 hours.

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  1. The Kotatsu

Number 2 in our list is a Japanese furniture. The Kotatsu happens to be a wooden table, very short in height and is a traditionally made furniture common in Japanese households.  Under the table, you will find the heat source. The heat source can be a burning charcoal or the electric heater. In order to make sure the heat is trapped, a futon or a heavy blanket is placed over the Kotatsu. This home heater can be placed at a central point in the house, for it to heat up the whole house. You can easily make a Kotatsu, and just like the terracotta heater, there are several videos online on how to build yourself a Kotatsu. Apart from heating your home, it can act as beautiful antique in the house.

  1. The Heating Rocks

This was a trick I learned from my parents when I was a young boy. My dad would heat up the stones, this was done on the fireplace. Then at bed time, a stone would be tucked into my bed. This is just one way of creatively using stones to keep you warm. If you have visited a sauna, then you must have noticed how stones are used to keep the place warm. Those who are thinking of camping this coming winter should definitely learn all the tricks, when it comes to using stones to keep you warm. With the correct materials you can easily have your own home made sauna.

  1. The Indoor Propane Heaters

The propane heater has been designed to be used indoors and can produce between 4000 BTU and 9000 BTU. The heater has a shut off pilot technology that has a low oxygen feature. The tip shut off has been constructed to act as a safety measure, hence the propane heater can be used indoors with no fear of any accidents occurring. Perfect for outdoor activities like camping, a good heat source substitute when you are short of firewood. There are several models in the market that you can purchase. Their power outage is what makes them one of the best heat sources when you are off the grid.

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  1. The Fireplace

This one is as old as the tale of time. A fireplace happens to be a very important part of any house, not only during the cold season when it’s being used. It makes the house have a classic look. You can either use the modern ones or the traditional fireplace designs. Most of the fireplaces use wood as a source of fuel. The fireplace inserts are known to be very efficient when it comes to heat generation. They have an efficiency rate ranging between 60% and 80%, while the open-faced fireplace has a much lower efficiency rate of 15%.


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