27 Essential Hygiene Products That You Need To Have With You Always.


We can say that the society is relatively clean. There are plenty of items we use daily to make sure our hygiene is top notch: water, bacteria wipes, soap, etc. There is also a reliable sewage treatment plant close to your city that makes sure no waste finds its way back to your door step. Nevertheless, the situation will be very different when your city is faced with a disaster, most of these products will not be available. It will now be your personal responsibility to make sure your personal hygiene is impeccable. You will might have to deal with lack of clean water, garbage collection services and/or sewage treatment services. You and your family will have to start practicing proper survival cleanliness tips. Below are 27 products that will be useful in making sure you survive in an unclean environment after a disaster.

  1. The Anti-Bacterial Gel: must be used only when necessary since overuse can lead to superbugs developing in your body. Though they will be very useful in scenarios where there is lack of water.
  2. The Anti-Bacterial Soap: soap is the most basic product when it comes to keeping dirt and germs away. Have both a bar soap and liquid soap (useful when there is no water). Try getting antibacterial soap instead of the normal soap.
  3. The Anti-Bacterial Wipes: easy way of cleaning your hands, no need for water or soap.
  4. Baking Soda: not only useful when baking, baking soda can be used to make toothpaste, shampoo and can also act as a cleaning detergent. It can also deodorize stuff in the house.
  5. A Bleach: get one that is unscented since their shelf life is longer. You can use it as a water purifier.
  6. The Borax: this cleaning product is extremely versatile, can be used to clean dishes, toilets, refrigerators, drains, tubs, etc.
  7. The Dental Floss: during a disaster even the dentist will be missing without a trace. Dental floss will make sure your dental health is well taken care of. Get a reliable toothpaste that won’t make you have bad toothaches.
  8. A Deodorant: having antiperspirants will help since you might be faced with a scenario where your air-conditioning machine doesn’t work. It will reduce the sweat and stink from your body.
  9. Disinfecting Wipes: they are different from the anti-bacterial wipes, they are to be used for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces like sinks, counters, etc.
  10. A Face Mask: good way of limiting exposure to airborne infections and poisonous gases. Your hands must also be kept clean always.
  11. Feminine Hygiene Product: ladies will relay find these crucial during a disaster.
  12. A Kitty Litter: this will not only help your cat, but when you can be helpful to you also when you are in dire need of using a toilet. Get a litter that can be easily scooped and absorbs urine perfectly.
  13. A Laundry Detergent: how to use this will be explained on #17.
  14. A Microfiber Towel: act just like the normal towel, but just that they are smaller, so won’t need much space.

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  15. A Mouth Wash: a good product for making sure your breath is always fresh, especially if you are in a small room that is crowded.
  16. The Nitrile Gloves: very important when you are doing ‘dirty’ chores like cleaning your toilet, taking the trash out, or even when looking after a sick person. Get gloves that are puncture resistant.
  17. A Washing Machine (Non-Electric): there are several options you can get. They are an easy and cheap way of cleaning your own clothes.
  18. The Paper Plates: good substitute for normal dishes, since you will not want to waste the little clean water you have, cleaning the dishes. You can reuse the plates, if they are not dirty. Though they can create a big pile of trash.
  19. The Paper Towels: keep off using cloth towels, so that you have very little laundry. Paper towels can be used to dry off your body.
  20. Plastic Utensils: easy way of reducing the usage of water, see point 18 above. You can forgo these if your water supply is very reliable.
  21. A Portable Toilet:  if flushing your toilet is not possible, a portable toilet will be more comfortable than a latrine. Have plenty of trash bags that will function as liners and toilet deodorant.
  22. Hair Shampoo & Conditioner: you can stock up extra hair cleaning products if you are certain that you will have a reliable water supply.
  23. A Solar Shower: when you have no power, the solar showers are the best options when you want to have warm water for bathing. Since they are solar powered it means there is no energy expenses.
  24. Toilet Papers: this is a must have, you never know its importance till you are in the toilet and you realize there are no toilet papers. Let this not happen to you when you are surviving through a disaster.
  25. A Toothbrush & a Toothpaste: your mouth will need constant cleaning, so as to prevent any infections and toothaches.
  26. Trash Bags: make sure you have plenty of trash bags, try picking both small and large trash bags.
  27. A Water Filter: having access to clean water might be challenging after a disaster. A water filter will help in getting rid of all toxins that might be present in the water supply you are using. Some of the options you can consider are water filters from LifeStraw, Sawyer Mini and Steripen.

Below are some frequent practices you can implement to make sure you practice proper personal hygiene, when you are surviving through a post-disaster era.

  • Make sure your hands are frequently washed each time you are exposed to anything that you might consider unsafe.
  • The water supply in your house should always be purified and disinfected.
  • The garbage should always be sealed and kept separate.


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