9 Methods of Harnessing Solar Energy


Having a backup source of energy has become a common trend. You can never tell when the power supply you depend will be cut off due to a disaster, that’s why having a plan B and even plan C comes in very handy. Solar energy is a good example of a substitute power source. With recent improvements and advancements in technology, solar energy has proved to be more affordable and efficient. With reliable sunlight, you can be able to harness the solar energy and store it for future use. Even when you out in the fields you have the capability of utilizing the solar energy. Below are some of the reliable products that can be used to harness the solar energy. Though these products have been designed to help during survival situations they can still be used during your normal day to day activities.

  1. The Portable Solar Powered Oven

When you are off the grid, it’s good to have a small portable oven that is solar powered. It will keep you warm and you will use it to cook your meals. With ample sunlight you can comfortably cook all the meals you want. The ovens come in different sizes, so pick one that will suit you. They are portable and have a storage bag, thermometer, collapsible silicon pot and a trivet. Perfect for home use and outdoor use.

  1. The Solar Lantern

Compared to the other lanterns, the solar lanterns emit very bright light. You have several methods of powering the solar lanterns: the cranking method, solar method, using an AC/car adapter or the AA batteries. You don’t have to worry about them not working at night or when it’s a cloudy day. The lantern uses very minimal energy, hence very efficient when there is no power.

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  1. The LED Solar Powered Sensor Lights

Very easy to use and install the sensor light. You don’t need any wires since the sensor light is powered by the sun. It charges itself using energy from the sun at daytime and can offer more than 12 hours of continuous lighting. The device is both waterproof and heatproof, and can survive up to 5 years with good maintenance. At an angle of 120 degrees, the sensor light has a range of 10 feet.

  1. The Solar Hybrid Flashlight

This flashlight can burn for 11 years when it’s on LED. But when it’s used nonstop at night, then you will be using it for 22 years. Since its waterproof you can use it even when the weather is wet. Despite being solar powered it operates just as efficiently as the normal flashlights.

  1. The Solar Backpack

Many outdoor enthusiasts don’t know that there are solar backpacks. They are just like normal backpacks with enough pockets to store your things. The nylon fabric used in its construction is very durable. The backpack uses solar energy (7 watts), this means you can use it to charge some of your devices like MP# players and mobile devices.

  1. The Solar Air Lanterns

Looking for a light source that is both efficient and small then this solar lantern would be the best choice. It needs little time to charge and acts as a light source the whole night. With a 1 inch height and a width of 4 inches when deflated, it’s definitely portable and has a small size. It’s durable and waterproof, you can charge it as you walk by just hanging the lantern on your backpack.

  1. The Summer Shower (5 Gallon)

Even if you are off the grid, you will still be required to maintain good personal hygiene traits. The summer shower will be very useful when you are in an outdoor situation and want to take a bath. The gallon just needs to be filed with water (5 gallons) then you leave it in the sun to heat up. Once the temperature is perfect for you, tie the summer shower to a tree then have your shower in the wild.  The temperature gauge will tell you how warm/cold your water is. The side pockets can be used to store soaps or shampoo.

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  1. The Radio and LED Flashlight

One of the cool products that uses solar energy. Having a flashlight and a radio is very crucial in any outdoor activity and that’s why this product is very efficient since it combines these two necessary items together. The ED flashlight can provide lighting for over one hundred thousand hours during its entire lifetime. The radio is efficient for being updated on emergency broadcasts. The device is solar powered though the battery can also be using a generator (hand crank).

  1. The Solar Powered Device Charger

Having a device that can charge your other electronic device is important when you are going for an outdoor excursion. This solar powered charger is easy to operate, it just needs to be exposed to the sun (even when walking) and it will charge your other devices. It can charge up to two devices at the same time.


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