5 Items Which Shouldn’t Be Stocked For Long Term

If you are a Prepper most of the time you will be faced with a fixed budget, hence you will need to have a limited stock of supplies. Many will be tempted to store as much supplies as possible, however, there are items which are not perfect for long term storage. Some of these items are a must have, the only challenge is knowing when you have excess supplies, if off the grid situation persists then you should have ready alternatives for the below products.

The 5 items listed below shouldn’t be stocked for a long period.

  1. Toilet Papers

These simple products are very useful when you are off the grid. The major challenge being, the amount of storage space that toilet papers take when you decide to store large quantities of the product. They are also bulky, don’t store what can last more than 4 weeks. But if you have plenty of room, then you can store as much as you want. If you have limited space, then you will have to come up with alternative plans of how to deal with dirt like flannel strips or wash rugs (clean them separately from your normal laundry, for the strips have a good way of disposing them). If it gets worse, you can get a sponge, which should be cleaned occasionally using a vinegar/water solution, allow it to boil for 20 minutes.

  1. A Liquid Bleach

A bleach has a shelf life ranging between 6 months and 9 months. This is only, if the product is kept under optimum conditions. The bleach will start degrading after the 9th month. Lack of optimum conditions will be common if the situation of the grid being down takes a very long time. Opt for calcium hypochlorite: CaCl2O2. Its shelf life is close to 10 years if you keep it in a dark place that is air tight. This compound can be used in making a bleaching detergent.  The brand you buy should have a minimum of 78% of CaCl2O2, have no fungicides or algaecides. You can use the chemical to treat water. When handling the compound make sure your hands and eyes are protected and the room is well ventilated. To avoid any form of chemical reactions, store it separate from the other chemicals in the house (especially acids). You can also use vinegar as a substitute for a liquid bleach.

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  1. Certain medicines

If the drugs you have stored reach their expiration date, you should immediately get rid of them. Drugs start losing their potency when they get expired. In case the drugs you have stored go bad, before they expire, you should also throw them away. This is very common when drugs are not stored properly. It’s not easy to have perfect storage conditions for drugs when the grid is down for several months. Many of the drugs you will buy to help you after a disaster have limited shelf lives. Make sure you know the risks that are involved with each medication you store.

  1. Gasoline

Many people are currently storing plenty of gasoline for the coming winter season. Nobody wants to run out of gasoline when the gas station will not be opened. However, there are plenty of challenges that come with storing large quantities of gasoline for a long time. Gasoline has a very short shelf life (maximum 6 months). Though you can rotate your gasoline storage supply, imagine having to rotate gallons of gasoline. Then you can’t pour the gasoline, without having some negative environmental impact. The law is not very supportive when it comes to storing gasoline in very large quantities. It’s very flammable and emits vapors that are poisonous. You can use alternative sources of energy like solar, hydropower, propane and even wind power. Take caution when considering propane since it’s very flammable and it’s in gaseous form.

  1. Gold & Silver

If you buy these two precious stones as an investment, totally ignore this part. This is for the people who plan on using these stones as a means of economic exchange. The intrinsic value of silver and gold is very evident. A TEOTWAWKI scenario will mean the global economy collapsing and hence your precious metals will just be like normal stones. If the situation persists then the skills and tools of survival will be more important and valued. The other challenge being that most of us lack the skills and knowledge to tell whether a gold bar is real or not. If you plan on considering barter trade, then look for items that are stockable and have multiple uses like alcohol, salt, addition survival apparel and gears etc.

It’s also important that you check the things that can be stored for a long time when the grid goes down for a longer duration than expected.


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