Best 20 Gears Preppers Should Have

Gears Preppers Should Have

You will find abundant gears that can be useful in times of survival. Some are basic, others complicated, and others are cheap while others cost an arm and a leg. At the end of the day you will need to have a stock of survival supplies. However, there are some items that you must always start stocking if you want to prepare for survival. The items in this list are very important and will make you more comfortable in a harsh environment. So if you are pro prepper or a beginner, you will have to start stocking the below items as soon as possible.

  1. Survival Food

Having enough food, will make you more at ease. Having food supplies that can last you up to a year can be challenging. However, it’s not impossible start by getting foods that have longer shelf lives and always rotate your food supply.

  1. Water Filter Systems (Countertop)

Having a filtration system is the better choice, opt for an electricity free countertop system. Can still work even when you don’t have electricity.

  1. Food Dehydrator

Pick one that has many racks. You can dehydrate your food and hence increase its shelf life. The racks add the storage capacity.

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  1. Crossbow

This one is debatable, if you lack the expertise to effectively handle and use it, then it will not be of much use to you. Very useful in hunting and defending yourself from any danger. You will need plenty of practice on how to use it.

  1. Reversed Osmosis Water-Filters

A good gear to have if your water supply gets contaminated. You can buy it, if you don’t want the option of boiling water.

  1. Solar Generator Kits

Though many might not deem it as important, when you have solar panels. It can charge your devices and can make work much easier when you are surviving through a season and there is no sunlight.

  1. An Outdoor Solar Panel (Portable)

You can harness the solar power despite your location.

  1. A Solar Cooker (Portable)

Good option for keeping warm and cooking your food.  Good choice to have if you are in a place where you can’t access the fire.

  1. Wood Burning Stoves

They will keep you warm and since they use firewood, it’s a good prep emergency heat source. You will only need to stock your place with plenty of firewood. You will need to have a proper property and a shed/garage.

  1. Vacuum Sealing Systems

Most of us would see the importance of this, especially when you have limited space. But, they are useful, when you are moving to a new house.

  1. Air Rifle

If it’s allowed by law, then have a rifle with you. Perfect for hunting game meat and protecting yourself.

  1. A Rocket Stove

Another option for having a reliable supply of heat. They are environment friendly also. Pick a size that is most convenient for you to carry and use.

  1. A Portable Generator that is Gas Powered

Just like a solar powered generator, it’s a good back up to have in case you are unsure of the power supply. It’s more affordable and you can easily get gas.

  1. A Multi-Tool of High Quality

One of the item that you should have as backups. Functions the same way your normal fire-steel does.

  1. UV Water Disinfection Systems

A good way of treating water, just like gear #5. You will need to have electricity, which can be coupled up with a gas/solar powered generator.

  1. An Electric Mountain Bicycle

Having a mountain bike is important, if you know how to ride a bicycle of course. Since it’s an electric bike you will need to charge every now and then. A good way of moving around easily. There are several options of good bikes that you can find. If you are unsure, you can opt for the regular mountain bikes.

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  1. 30 Days Food Storage Bucket

Good trick of having enough food when you plan on going out for an outdoor activity with your vehicle.

  1. A Camp stove Solar Powered

Just like other stoves, good for heating and cooking. Though, don’t depend on it to effectively charge your devices.

  1. A Rain Barrel

Though you can make one on your own, having a rain barrel that is durable is a bonus. It is very useful in the long run, you can use them also as a storage facility. Since they are very durable you only need to make a onetime purchase.

  1. Solar Panel Kits

All your prep gears should have this, they are useful when it comes to supplying you with constant energy source. The only challenge is that they can be helpful when you are in a cloudy and cold environment.

While you have your own pepper’s list of survival gears, it’s crucial that you counter check what other preppers have in their survival lists. Do this frequently so that you don’t miss out any important item. Remember, if you are working on a budget, you can still get prep gears that are very affordable.


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