Being Prepared for a Power Outage
Being Prepared for a Power Outage

People living from Florida know the consequences of depending on one source of energy. The situations get even worse during the hurricane season. Go to Texas, you will hear the same story with testimonies how a grid can be taken down by literally anything.  Not to mention these days terrorists are now attacking power supplies. Making sure that you have an interrupted supply of power is very important (especially if you a technology addict like me). It’s good to always be prepared for anything. Grid outages can happen anytime and that’s why we have listed some useful methods you can implement as you wait for the power to come back.

  1. Buying and Installing Solar Panels

Why should you lack power supply when the sun is shining? Many people ignore the importance of using the solar energy. There are many solar systems that are suitable for residents. They are very affordable and easy to install. You can also store the energy and use it when the grid goes down. Tapping the solar energy will give you the freedom not to depend on one energy source. If you want your solar panel to work effectively make sure that the system has been correctly set up. Make sure the angle is precise enough to capture maximum sunlight. If you are building your home, you can consult with the contractors on the best solar panels to use. This is because some homes are more suitable when considering installing solar panels. You can install the panel on your own, but consulting a professional will be a better deal. You will need the inverter system which is important for trapping the power generated from the panel and then converting the power into the usable energy source (electricity). Apart from the panels, you can buy other solar powered gears and devices.

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  1. Back-Up Generator

This is pretty much the first option many of us run to, when we have a power outage. It’s simple, when shopping for a generator it’s good to know which type will fit your needs. These machines are fairly inexpensive and can be installed easily at your homestead. We have the standby generators and the portable generators. The portable ones are quite affordable, while the standby generators are a little more expensive. The two types are very reliable.  The popular option would be the portable generators that are gas powered. Consider the size of your generator when buying, since the wattage of the generator must be higher compared to its load. You can compare the startup wattage of the generator’s biggest motor with the total wattage of the appliances you use (appliances that you use when there is a blackout). When using the gas powered generator take caution since it emits carbon monoxide. So keep it away from your house (like 10 feet away or further).

  1. Candles and Batteries.

For the first few days you don’t need to start using your generator, instead you can depend on candles and other solar powered devices that you have. Lamps that are battery powered can also last you for a few days. Having a reliable stock of candles and batteries will be very helpful. Make sure you follow all the correct storage measure for your batteries, or else you will just have a stock of useless batteries that cannot help you. Candles are not so complicated and just need simple storage environment. Also make sure you check the expiration date of your batteries. When storing your batteries, keep them at normal room temperature, away from direct heat/sunlight and preferably your cabinets and drawers would be ideal. If you store your batteries properly, they can have a life span of 5 to 10 years. For candles, carefully wrap them using plastic/ aluminum foil (keeping the wick away from moisture), then keep them in a refrigerator.

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Extra Information.

Some of the uses of power include cooking, lighting and charging our devices. During a power outage, you will have to limit how you use your power supply. You can reduce the usage of electricity devices and only use lighting when necessary. For cooking you can find alternatives like having a reliable stock of:

  • Canned foods, they are very cheap and have a long life while on the shelf.
  • MRE, ready to eat meals, the military have for many years utilized the usefulness of MREs, they are affordable and durable, they are also healthy to eat and don’t need any cooking.
  • Peanut butter can be used as a food supplement. You can eat it alone or blend it with other foods. It has a high amount of protein.
  • Freezing dried food, can be another option that will help. You can freeze vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.

Remember your power supply is limited, so use with utmost caution.


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