Cold Weather Survival Tips And Skills

It is always a good practice to have basic winter survival gear before the winter season begins. You may have the feeling of heading out to the woods and being at one with nature out in the winter season. Well, you may also want to carry with you some essential winter survival gear that can help get you out of a sticky situation. A survival bag is the best accessory you can have to help you carry all your survival gear. Nothing sounds as good as having survival gear that helps get you through cold, harsh winters. It might even be safe to say that having the right survival gear can be what determines whether you live through the situation of die. And that is why it is crucial always to have all the right survival kits and gear before you head out.

Here are some essential survival gear and kits that may help you through a winter season.

  1. Water procurement kit

The feeling of having extra water storage, like three, in your survival bag should be enough to help keep you hydrated throughout the ordeal. One great option is carrying a collapsible water bag which can easily fit together with the other winter survival gear. You also need to ensure that the water kit is easily portable and has a firm handle. You also need to have a water container where you can boil any water from an unknown water source and make it safe for drinking. Boiling the water will help purify and make it palatable and safe for consumption.

  1. Hunting survival kit

If you know that you are heading out into a cold winter environment, then you may also need to carry with you some hunting gear. After all, you will need to have something fresh to eat while out. And live game can do. Studies reveal that the average period a human being can stay without food is three weeks. However, it is no secret that you will start to feel weak and tired after just a few days of going without food. Food is essential to provide your body with the energy to function correctly. So, carrying with you a bow, slingshot, and traps can come to be quite handy.

  1. Fire starting kits

It is not an easy task starting and building a fire especially in the winter. And it gets to be a lot more challenging is there is snow involved. First, you will need to find dry wood amid all the snow which may be practically impossible. And that is why you will need to have other fire gear that you will use to get a fire going. Some of the essential fire gear may include a hatchet, an ax, a dryer lint, matches, etc. Ensure you have an alternative way of starting and building a fire in case you are not in a position to do so using the natural resources like wood.

  1. Food cooking kits

You will also need to have a way of cooking your food and make it eatable. And sometimes, as mentioned earlier, you may not have much luck managing to start a fire to cook the food amidst all the snow or rain. It is, therefore, wise to carry with you a portable stove that you can use to cook and prepare your food and even boil your drinking water.

  1. Winter survival shelter

In extreme weather conditions like freezing winter environments, your chances of surviving out in the cold are very minimal. Not to mention that you can only last for a few hours before you succumb and die. It is, therefore, critical that you always have a winter survival kit like a tent with you that you can put up and use as shelter when the weather conditions become worse. Ensure that the tent you have is cold weather rating and has insulating features. The only downside that tents may have is that they take up a lot of space. But, considering that they may save your life, in the long run, makes carrying them worth it.

  1. Winter survival clothing

In the winter, you have no choice but to find or build your own heat source. But, in the meantime, you may want to stay warm. And winter survival clothing can do just that. Carry clothing that will protect you from the cold and prevent frostbite or hypothermia from kicking in which may even kill you.


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