Best Survival Skills to Teach Your Kids This Year

You never know when you or your kids may end up stuck in the wilderness. If you are lucky, then you should be smart enough to prepare for any such events ahead of time. It is not every day that you find yourself stuck in a desperate situation. But still, it can and may happen sometime. And if you are not prepared for it, then you may be in for a very rough experience.

It is, therefore, best to educate and train yourself and your kids about the basic survival skills that may be what determines whether you get out of such situations alive or dead. This is especially crucial for the parents and kids who live in the countryside. Imagine living in a home where your backyard is over 40 acres of woods and thickets. To a 10-year-old, basically everything looks the same, and it is very easy to get lost while playing outside.

By teaching yourself and kids about the basic survival tips and skills, you are preparing yourself, and them, on how to manage and get through any situation like that. Below are some of the common basic survival skills you may want to teach your kids.

  1. Positive attitude and mindset

It is crucial to teach your kids to have a positive attitude on how to handle any situation that warrants them to use their survival skills. Teach your kids always to be positive and feel like they will survive and work towards that goal. This is the one sure way of increasing their chances of getting out of such situations. Clear your mind and assure yourself that you will be rescued. This, in turn, helps protect you from panicking or doing anything dumb that may end up getting you in more trouble.

  1. Focus on water

Most people would assume that they are hungry and want food just a few hours into the stranded situation. this occurs mainly due to the sugar crush. But studies reveal that food is less of a priority compared to your need to get a reliable, clean, palatable water source or supply. Look for water, purify it, and drink it. You should also store any surplus for later. It is crucial that you ensure the water is clean and safe to consume before you drink it. The best way you can do this is by boiling the water.

  1. Look for shelter

There are instances where you may be forced to spend in the wilderness or harsh environment. In such situations, it is crucial that you prep your kids to look for or build a shelter. Take some time and prepare a thick layer of leaves that you can find into a bed. Your body may end up losing an insane amount of heat is you opt to sleep on the ground. And that may only end up adding to your list of worries at the moment. So, ensure you have a place that has enough room for you to lie down in.

  1. Starting a fire

Knowing how to start a fire is another crucial survival skill that you need to teach your kids. You may be stuck in a survival situation where you end up losing a lot of body heat. And this can end up killing you or making your case a lot worse than it already is. Having a good fire going can also help rescuers pinpoint your location and get to you faster. You will also need to have a fire going to boil the water that you will be drinking. All these are some of the key reasons why you need to know how to start a good healthy fire.

  1. Food

You may be wondering why food ranks low in this table. But the truth is, a healthy human being can go for up to three weeks without food. And that fact alone makes it be less of a priority compared to the other survival skills. As mentioned earlier, you may start feeling hungry after a few hours. But if you are forced in a situation where food isn’t readily available, then you may have to go for some time without it.


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