Survival Tricks That Will Help You in Case You Are Lost in The Forest
Survival Tricks That Will Help You in Case You Are Lost in The Forest

Ever wonder what might happen if one day you end up in a survival situation in the middle of the forest with no one to help you? Imagine a beautiful day that you decide to go out and stroll in your backyard woods. Only for your fantastic day to turn into a nightmare the moment you finally figure that you have lost your way. You basically cannot tell which way to go. Plus, you cannot retrace your footsteps. That is when panic can start creeping in, and before you know it, you are way over your head about what to do.

Yes! Some people have had to go through the same situation. How they handle such a situation is what determines whether they come out of it alive or dead. And that is why it is critical that you learn the basic survival tips and tricks to get you out of such a survival situation alive. Here are some of the top survival skills, tips, and tricks to learn, and fast when lost in the forest.

  1. Retrace your steps

The first step you should take when lost in the forest is to retrace your steps. If you can backtrack and retrace your steps, then you have a higher chance of getting out of that survival situation sooner than later. Then, you may not have to use the remaining survival tips.

If you are not able to backtrack and retrace your steps, you will need to apply other survival skills mentioned below.

  1. Find water

Your first objective should be to find a reliable, clean, and usable water source. It is critical that you stay hydrated and healthy throughout the entire period. An average human being can go for three to four days without water. Any longer, and death is imminent. So, use the rest of your time looking for a reliable water source. After finding one, your next step should be to purify the water and make it palatable. The best way of doing this is by boiling the water, using chemical purifiers if you have any, and filtering the water. Some of the common water sources in the forest include streams and rivers, lakes, rainwater, and dew.

  1. Build a fire

Your next immediate worry should be building a fire. You do not want to stay overly exposed to the harsh climatic conditions of the forest especially at night when the temperatures can drop dangerously low. Failure to start and build a fire, the chances are high that you may fall victim to hypothermia which will only add to your list of problems. So, work out how you can build a fire to keep your body warm at night or any other chilly or cold periods. Carry good fire starters with you before you leave for your forest expeditions. A lighter or matches can do.

  1. Look for shelter

Your next immediate concern should then be finding a place to shelter yourself. If you did not carry a tent with you, then you can use the resources that mother nature provides. You can build a decent shelter using dry leaves and branches to protect you from the harsh forest environment. You can also seek shelter in caves if there are any nearby. A cave should be your first option to use as a shelter if you find any around.

  1. Tools and weapons

A knife can be your best friend and the most valuable tool when lost in the forest. You can use it to perform various tasks like puncturing, chopping, slashing, and cutting things in the woods. A good knife can also serve as a weapon for self-defense. Plus, you can also use the same knife to curve other weapons and tools to use in the forest.

  1. Find food

In the forest, you can get your food source from both plants and animals. But then again, unless you have a good guidebook on which of the plants are edible, then it is best not to eat any. Instead, you can major on animals as your primary food resource. Here is where the weapons you made come in handy. You can use them to hunt animals to eat.


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