Protect Yourself in The Urban Areas by Avoiding These Survival Mistakes
Protect Yourself in The Urban Areas by Avoiding These Survival Mistakes

When it comes to staying alive when faced with a natural or a human-made crisis, many people tend to make many mistakes. Most of the world population lives in urban centers, and criminals and terrorists have found the urban areas to be wonderful targets. Whenever a disaster hits a town, the inhabitants tend to be clueless about the survival moves to make. Many end up endangering their lives by making survival mistakes.

Below is a list of some of the urban survival mistakes you should watch out for if you are living in urban centers.

  1. Your Preps

These days more people are prepping for any emergency that may arise. This will involve stocking up enough, having the best survival skills, equipment. When you have everything set, then you will be proud of your efforts. So how does prepping endanger your life? Many people talk about their prepping skills and preparation, the problem arises when you shared this information with a lot of people. During any calamity, resources will be scarce, and since everyone knows you have some food and equipment stored somewhere, they will want to take your prep items from you. Therefore, it is important to only share information about your prep with your close family members and friends.

  1. Lacking A Survival Plan

When it comes to proper prepping you need to have a general survival plan. After you have collected everything you need in case of a disaster, it is good now to come up with a plan. Research on all the possible disasters that can take place in your town. Look at both the natural and human-made disasters. After that have a plan on how you will react when faced in a situation, this will prevent you from going into a panic frenzy like the other people in your town. Have an escape plan, the safe zones and how you can call for help. Make sure you have transportation that can take you to the safe zone.

  1. Stealing

During calamities, most business owners are not present to protect their businesses. An earthquake in the city will render the security of most stores vulnerable to robbery. Many people will be looting food and other items they consider important. You might be tempted to join the crowd and loot the goods. Furthermore, the insurance company will reimburse the store owner. However, when looting, you stand a chance of getting hurt by the crowd as you everyone is struggling to grab something. A greedier looter might hit you so that they can take what you have. The other danger is the structure of the building collapsing of being injured by the structure itself. The best thing to do is to avoid breaking any law when dealing with a disaster.

  1. Not Upgrading Your Home Security

You have a safe house somewhere in case of a disaster. As you protect yourself, have you left your home also protected or is it vulnerable to looters and burglars. The rate burglaries during disasters and calamities are usually very high. Look at the basic tricks you can use to make your home burglar proof. You might not depend on the standard electric security system since power outages are very common during disasters. These basic protection upgrades will be safer compared to having a gun and shooting an intruder. You might end up finding yourself on the wrong side of the law with this.

  1. Bugging Out

Whether you like it or not, bugging out happens to be one of the most important survival skills everyone needs to have. Bugging can be difficult and very dangerous if you are not prepared and well equipped. You might be protected in your home, but then bugging out can be equally important especially faced with natural disasters like hurricanes and tornados. If you notice any slight signal that the disasters endanger your home, then you need to bug out immediately. Have your bug out prep list so that you are not caught up on what to carry when bugging out. Have a bug out kit ready all the time.

Surviving in the city can be hectic; your once safe neighborhood can turn into a battlefield everyone trying to grab the little resources that they can save. Therefore, you need to have the above skills to make sure you protect yourself and your family in case of any disaster in your town.


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