5 Crucial Foods You Need to Survive
5 Crucial Foods You Need to Survive

Are there essential foods that one needs to survive? It may be confusing to someone who does not have the survival skills when you start talking about the essential foods needed for survival. These foods are vital for any form of defense. This simply means these foods can become in handy in any survival condition, in the wild, in the city, during a disaster, etc. Whenever a disaster strikes most people go into a frenzy mode and frantically struggle to store food and water. Lack of enough food and water will worsen the situation as everyone will be struggling to get these rare commodities, while those who have food might be attacked or assaulted as people try to steal their food.

You need proper storage equipment for your food in case you are prepping for any possible disaster in the future. In your food storage, you should have the essential foods which have the important nutrients needed by your body. The main duty of these foods is to make your overall health is top notch. When storing your food supply, you can think about a long-term supply or a short-term supply, it all depends on the type of disaster you are prepping for or the survival experience you are going for.

Below we have a list of the 5 most important foods everyone needs in a survival situation:

  1. Olive Oil

For many decades oil has been used when people are in survival times. Unlike other natural oils that have a shorter lifespan in storage. Oil can be stored for close to 5 years, without getting spoilt. The general function of oils is that they are used in cooking. Olive oil can also be used in cooking. It is also a multipurpose oil and some people even drink to boost their energy levels. In addition to that it is known to have medicinal properties, and can be used to treats burns.

  1. Dried Fruits

Dried fruits play an important role in your diet when you are in a survival situation by providing you with important nutrients. To be extra safe its best you go for the homemade dried fruits, the commercial ones will have expiry dates, and the chemicals used in the preservations might be harmful after a prolonged storage period. These dried fruits will improve your digestive health. Your body has a more reliable supply of carbohydrates and proteins when you eat dried fruits. The other bonus factor with homemade dried fruits is that they have the same nutritional value as the natural fresh fruit you would take at home.

  1. Grains and Nuts

When properly stored these foods can stay for a very long time without spoiling. It is highly recommended that when you are in a survival situation, you should combine both grains and nuts into your diet. Their combinations are similar to that of dietary products which means they are a reliable natural source of protein. If you want to be very creative with your survival menu, then you should consider using nuts and grains. You can make bread from grains like wheat berries by just grounding them into flour.

  1. Vitamins

During a disaster, you will have difficulty finding the correct diet, and this will cause your body to lack some important nutrients. Nutrients deficiency can affect your immune system and subject to a higher risk of falling sick. Vitamins are one of the most important minerals needed by the human body. Vitamins provide the body with the required energy. The natural sources of vitamins are vegetables and plants. However, if you are in a post-disaster situation, the best shot will be to have some vitamin supplements with you.

  1. Canned Foods

A longer lifespan and enough nutritional supply is what you will get from canned foods. With canned foods, you still can enjoy your regular meals even if you are in a survival situation. In your list of canned foods, you should consider having a canned tuna. It is a ready to eat meal and has many other dietary uses. With its high supply of nutrients, it is one of the best foods to have when in a survival situation. Canned foods have been manufactured to have a stored nutritional value and still have a good taste even after a long period. They save the hustle of storing fresh food which can easily get spoilt if you do not have a reliable storage system equipped with a freezer.


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