10 Ways That Your Survival Knife Can Be Dangerous
10 Ways That Your Survival Knife Can Be Dangerous

Survival knives can, in many ways, be your best and most favorable asset to have in a survival situation. it can act as the best tool to curve, slice, skin, and even cut through branches, meals, and other foods. At the same time, a survival knife can be the best weapon you have in a survival situation. You can even use it to curve yourself more survival weapons that you can use to hunt and even protect yourself in the wild.

On the flip side, survival knives have also been known to be dangerous especially when in a survival situation. They can also turn and end up doing more damage on their handlers. This article will give you proper insight on some ways with which a survival knife can turn to be more dangerous than useful in a survival situation.

  1. The tip of a knife is always delicate. So, you cannot use it as a substitute to perform functions of other tools such as a screwdriver. At best, you may end up bending or damaging the knife. At worse, you may cut yourself in the process and add more trouble to an already desperate situation.
  2. Survival knives are not equipped to handle all purposes or situations. For example, a survival knife cannot really skin a dear. Okay, it can. But that is not what it was designed for. You will do that through a lot of trouble. The chances are, you may even end up cutting or hurting yourself using the knife.
  3. Knives need to be oiled and cleaned from time to time after being used. In survival situations, however, this may not be possible. Failure to do this may result in the knife rusting or getting damaged some other way. Lack of proper maintenance on any equipment damages that equipment. If not, then it reduces the span of that equipment to function. You do not want to end up with a knife that can betray you when you are in full survival mode.
  4. Survival knives’ handles are made using wood, bone, leather, and even steel. Depending on the handle your survival knife has, you need to know and have the right tools to maintain and care for it if you expect it to serve you for a more extended period. Wood, for example, will need to be treated using linseed oil. A leather cleaner will do for leather handles, and you will need to keep survival knife handles made of bone from water. The knife may be what keeps you alive in the wilderness. Treat with respect.
  5. Survival knives are also very prone to corrosion. So, if, in any case, your knife gets into contact with water, or you decide to wash it, it is crucial that you dry it up immediately using a dry cloth. A rusty blade is worse than any other kind of blade especially if it cuts you.
  6. When sharpening your survival knife, you also want to be careful not to press it too hard. Not unless you intend for it to break or get damaged as you sharpen it. if by good luck, it does not break, then it may be too sharp and, thus, too dangerous to you as well.
  7. The steel blades of survival knives also react poorly any extreme weather conditions that you may be stuck in while in a survival situation. Too extreme temperatures can damage the knife. For example, too cold temperatures will make the steel edge of the knife brittle while too high temperatures may affect its hardening abilities. Therefore, choose wisely when looking for a survival knife. But even then, the best survival knife may not help you if its structural integrity is affected.
  8. When sharpening your survival knife, be careful not to press it too hard as the temper from its blades may end up making it useless from there on. Remember, you want a sharp blade. Not a useless one.
  9. Store your survival knife in a proper place with the proper conditions. You do not want to leave your sharp survival knife exposed in such a condition that it can pose harm to you as well.
  10. If you have a folding survival knife, you will need to always inspection of its pins. You do not want a case where the pins got lose, and you only notice when it injures you.


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