Survival Hygiene Rules You Must Follow to Stay Alive and Clean
Survival Hygiene Rules You Must Follow to Stay Alive and Clean

When in an emergency survival situation, the first thing that grips everyone’s mind is how soon they can get out of the situation. However, almost all the time, that is not always possible. At least not immediately. The chances are that you may spend some time in the survival situation before you find your way back or someone else finds you. During this time, however, you want to stay clean, healthy, and hygienic to avoid complicating things further. Failure to do this may end up getting you sick or contracting certain diseases, viruses, pests, or even parasites. And you do not want any of that with no way of getting medical attention.

In a survival or disaster situation, keep in mind that your chances of having access to running water, toilets, water heaters, electric razors, showers, etc. are close to zero. It is, therefore, crucial that you know how to administer proper hygiene and sanitation that you can apply when stuck in such a situation doing this can greatly improve your chances of coming from the survival or disaster situation alive and well.


In survival situation, it is quite common to overlook personal hygiene as most of the time you are more focused on finding food, water, shelter, clothing, etc. During this time, your cleanliness comes pretty much at the bottom of your to-do list. And that can be quite dangerous as it increases your chances of contracting an infection or diseases. So, try as much as you possibly can to stay clean and healthy in a survival situation to improve your chances in the situation. here are some basic steps you can follow to keep a good personal hygiene especially when in a survival situation.

  1. Keep your hands clean

In the wilderness, you have to assume that everything you encounter is carrying bacteria. So, get into the habit of washing your hands more often especially before handling any foodstuffs or water. This will help prevent you from accidentally ingesting any bacteria that may have gotten to these foods and water. You may want to carry a hand sanitizer whenever you are heading out. Just in case you will need it when stuck in a survival situation.

  1. Keep your hair clean

Other animals like fleas, bacteria, and even bacteria can easily latch themselves onto your hair in the wilderness. These can easily cause diseases and infection which can make things more complicated for you. So, if possible, always try to keep your hair trimmed and clean.

  1. Keep your clothing clean

Bacteria and parasites are also known to latch themselves on clothing. So, you may be in more danger wearing the same clothes throughout the entire time you are in the survival situation. your clothes help cover your body from the harsh wilderness conditions. So, you must have them on. But you also always want to have them clean too.

  1. Keep your teeth clean

You also want to have your mouth and teeth clean throughout the entire time you are in the wilderness. Always carry a good pair of toothbrush and toothpaste just in case you need them. Then make sure you brush at least once each day to keep your mouth and teeth clean and free from bacteria. You do not want to have to deal with a severely aching tooth in survival mode.

  1. Take care of your feet

In the wilderness, the chances are high that your feet may be your only means of transportation. That is all the reason you need to have to take care of them. So, always keep them dry and clean. If necessary, you can also massage them from time to time to keep them clean and healthy. You also want to care for your footwear as they are what will protect your feet from getting injured unnecessarily in the survival situation.

  1. Get enough rest

When stuck in a survival situation, it is also important that you remember to get some rest when needed. Remember, your body needs to rest to gather the energy to have you going later. Your mind will also be fresh and clearer. So, you can make better informed judgments which might just be what gets you out of the survival situation unscathed.


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