7 tips to survive a hurricane in one piece
7 tips to survive a hurricane in one piece

For the unlucky folks who live in areas constantly frequented by hurricanes, you might want to figure out how you will survive all your days there without getting injured or killed one day. And this article aims to provide you with the best tips you can use to survive a hurricane.

Hurricanes can be very devastating and often end up destroying a lot of property, injuring many people, and some unfortunate folks even lose their lives. So, without adequate preparation on how to handle yourself before, during, and after a hurricane, you may end up losing more than you bargained for. Keep reading and get insight on some crucial tips to minimize the overall damage any hurricane can do on you.

  1. Prepare a disaster plan

The first step you want to take is to prepare a clear and well-thought out disaster plan for when a hurricane hits. Plan what you can do if the hurricane separates you from your family members. Where you should head to seek shelter. The contingency plan for if the hurricane destroys all your property.

It is crucial that you have all these things planned out for as you wait for when the next hurricane might hit.

  1. Meeting places

As mentioned earlier, you want to clearly state where you and your loved ones can meet and regroup after a hurricane. The Red Cross suggests that you pick two different places where you can meet with your loved ones after the incident. One of these spots can be obvious. But if you cannot get to that location, then you can always try the alternative meeting location. This makes it a lot easier to find one another after the incident has passed.

  1. Communication

It is critical that you try to contact your loved ones especially after the incident has passed. The chances are high that the service will go down in major disasters like hurricanes. So, if you are travelling over long distances and a hurricane hits your home, you want to have your friends and family members easily reach you. Always have your phone numbers and other contact information updated.

  1. Emergency information

You also want to have a hard copy of all your crucial contact just in case the hurricane causes a power outage which will most likely happen. The chances are that you always have all your contacts safely stored in your phone. But what will you do if you suddenly have no power to charge your phone? And any time you switch it on to get a contact means you are draining its juice. So, have all the important contact details in hard copy somewhere you can easily access them when necessary.

  1. Carry cash

During emergencies caused by major natural disasters like hurricanes, carrying cash with you can work in your favor. Most people fear carrying cash because they are worried about theft. But imagine being stuck in a natural disaster with a power outage. All the ATMs are off and banks closed. And you have no other means of accessing the money in your credit or debit cards. If you weigh the benefits of carrying cash against its risks, you would see that the benefits outweigh the risks.

  1. Learn about your surroundings

You need to always know of your surroundings especially when a major natural disaster is about to hit your location. For example, if you live in a hotel, you need to learn about their emergency plans. Your chances of surviving the incidents depend a lot on your ability to learn the best escape routes put of all rooms you might find yourself in. Get to know your general area well.

  1. Keep your important documents and medical supplies handy

Your important documents include passports, emergency contacts, travel insurance papers, and any other important documentation you will assist you to get out of the survival situation with little trouble. The Red Cross also recommend that you also carry with you extra special needs items which you may need in case something happens.


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