The Must-Know Features for Your Survival Clothing Kit That Will Get You Through Any Disaster
The Must-Know Features for Your Survival Clothing Kit That Will Get You Through Any Disaster

When stuck in a survival situation, a lot of things start rushing through your mind. Like what you will eat or drink, where you will sleep and stuff like that. Only afterwards, do you even start thinking about the clothing you have on. Having the right protective clothing is very important as it is what will ensure your body is protected from the harsh environmental elements and other things that could harm you. You, therefore, need to ensure you have some extra pairs of protective clothing in your backpack or survival kit. Otherwise, you stand to leave your vulnerable body exposed to harsh weather elements like UV rays, extreme weather, insect bites, and scratches from poisonous plants.

This article has put down a list of some of the things you need to consider when looking for the right survival clothing for your survival situation. keep reading.

  1. Clothing that protects you from severe sun rays

UV rays from the sun are not always all good especially to the human body when someone is exposed for a long period. Then you also have to factor in the extreme weather conditions that the world faces nowadays. And you have all the reasons to have an effective sun protective clothing nearby to keep yourself from getting sick.

You want to have breathable long-sleeved shirts are advisable especially if you are going to an environment where you are going to be exposed to a lot of sunlight. You also need to have pants that have the same features to prevent harmful sun rays from burning your legs as well. So, the next time you step into a clothing store, check out the fabrics that have ultraviolet protection or UPF rating that absorb a lot of UV rays. Clothes with this feature may very well end up being what save your life in the wilderness. You may need to seek assistance for more information on these types of clothing.

  1. Clothing that absorbs moisture

You will also be looking to get this type of clothing as they are what may keep you from getting sick during your time in the wilderness. Clothing that absorb moisture help to keep your body warm as they retain the body heat within the body and keep you from contracting conditions like hypothermia, frostbite, colds, coughs, etc. These types of clothing are best for winter survival situations. So, you will want to be looking for clothing that has both moisture wicking and moisture absorption capabilities. Layered clothing is the best as they can trap air in between them which are excellent insulators. They, thus, trap and retain your body heat and keep the colder harsh air out which is what you need especially in a winter survival environment.

  1. Clothing that protect you from insects

You also need to look into insect proof clothing and have some with you when stuck in a survival situation. you never know which insects may pop up and want to make a meal out of you. Some insects are poisonous and may end up causing you more harm in an already troubled situation. so, to avoid adding to your list of problems in a survival situation, ensure you have insect proof clothing. Shirts with sleeves and pants are also advisable and can help prevent insects from biting you. You can consult with the clothing shop assistants for the best insect proof clothing if you have no clue on which items to buy.

  1. Sturdy survival footwear

You can only imagine the thought of surviving in the wilderness without any footwear. It is not a pleasing experience and it also limits your ability to perform certain tasks like moving. Your body can also end up losing a lot of heat through your exposed feet which can pose health risks. There are many survival shoes in the market nowadays that you can choose from. You only have to look for and get the one that best suits your needs when in a survival situation.

Have all these sections about your clothing covered and you will be prepared to face anything the wilderness throws at you.


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